How many levels can I build in a Fraim?

I carried out a quick search but I can’t find how may levels I can have in a Fraim. Any definitive answers please?

6 - :crazy_face:

You did… of course… check the new shiny Naim website…? No…?

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Looks best at 5 levels max imo

Yes can go 6 and at a push 7, but it looks ugly as all racks do that high

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I have Isoblue and am now at 6 levels. Would not want to go any higher…


The advice from Naim when Fraim was released was that it should be no higher than base plus six standard levels, or base plus two tall levels.

See my second post on the thread in the FAQ.


I have five levels, six might be good is I go for the 2nd PSU.

I have now - thanks. And 6 it is.
File saved in appropriate Naim folder.

Take it to the ceiling like Mana! How many levels to Nirvana? :grinning: