How many people use a sub(s) for 2 channel?

Just wondering how many use a sub and how many have actually measured in room frequency response ?

I use a Sub, but haven’t done any frequency analysis.
Just relying on my ears to find the sound I like. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not me. Bass response on my 2.0 (Naim + B&W) system is already really good.

I do use a B&W ASW675 on my (Sony + B&W) 5.1 system, which I do think brings something extra to films, and probably music as well. As it happens, I was listening to DM’s Violator on SACD last night and the warm, enveloping sound, especially the bass, was so ‘there’ it almost felt like you could reach out and touch it. I could have tried switching off the sub to see how much of a difference it was making, but I was having far too much fun just listening to it.


Maybe delete this thread and set up again as a poll, which will count for you. You could keep it simple as per this, if relevant clarifying you are interested only in stereo music listening (2-channel could include TV or movie), or if desired you could add wider choices like set up by ear, set up by measurement of frequency response, set up by measurement for frequency response and phase, or anything else of interest.


I use a Velodyne sub with my N-Sats and rsponse is fairly flat down to 24hz.

I use an Arcam Solo powered sub and with the filter set at 100hz……it is a different sound experience with a sub……they bring out the very low notes extremely well……
Pedals on an a pipe organ in particular .

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I used to now two Dynaudio Sub 6 subwoofers which would extend down to 10(!)Hz in our living room. They sounded awesome. :grin: But when I wanted to buy larger speakers, my wife made me choose between the larger speakers or the subs. I now play without the subs and even though to bottom end is not as it used to be, I don’t really miss them. Mainly because it was difficult to integrate the two subs into our living room.


I use a n-SUB with n-SATs. Frequency & gain set at 60. Bob Marley at 10 o’clock :sunglasses:


I have an nsub which is use with nbls!

Love the nsub only one I have found with multiple inputs essential when you also have a theatre set up.


No subs.
I’m good with 2 speakers only.

Thanks, interesting to hear the different situations, I’m not sure how to turn this into or add a poll, but that would be interesting.

I’ve crossed the AV and Hi-Fi divide a number of times and know I couldn’t live without a low frequency solution again without disappointment

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@IWCDoppel there you go, I’ve put a poll for you:

Do you have a sub(s) in your 2 channel system?

  • No sub
  • 1 sub
  • 2 subs
  • More than 2 subs

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I did. The room had nasty modes that were already excited without a sub. I went the rew route but the filters did add artifacts to the music to my ears, an I finally went to the roon+home audio fidelity convolutional filters.
Now I have the bass I want. After adding a HC DR I feel bass gained definition and filters were necessary on a smaller portion of tracks.

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No sub but full range speakers.

Full range speakers here as well. I use DSP up to around 400hz. Everything is set up with microphone in the room.

I was always under the impression that subs were for “bass heads”

I use ATC 40a’s with a pair of rel s510’s. The difference with and without the subs is huge.

I never set out wanting subs but am converted as they add a depth and sound stage that doesn’t exist in my room without them…

Suspect room acoustics plays a part on if you value a sub as there does seem to be few in the “I have full speakers range so don’t waste my time talking about subs” but that’s their loss.



I use a pair of REL Classic 98’s with my Dynaudio Heritage Specials.


I agree, using a REL s510 with my PMC Fact 12’s, if integrated properly with your main speakers, a sub benefits the whole frequency range not just the low end. Whilst I suspect two subs works wonders, you can get away with using one as low frequencies are non directional so in my system my sub is positioned to the right but the overall sound is very balanced. I have upgraded the power lead and main lead from sub to amp, this brought about further improvements, cables matter!

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In my case full range speakers (- 3db at 28Hz) plus a stereo pair of REL S/510.


Similar to garyi, I’ve an nsub with SBL’s (which is also integrated into a home theatre).

Although I’ve a small room it’s a suspended floor and I find that at 20 gain/40hz crossover works well just to take the load at low volumes.