How many power supplies you have got

I have a basic Naim system but following the Naim’s power supplies philosophy currently there are two boxes: FlatCap2 for my NAC112x and HiCap for the StageLine (Linn Axis). So instead of two boxes for TT and amplifier I have six. And this is entry level.
So would you share your PSU number?


I have 3 power supplies, a Supercap powers my 52, a 555PSDR powers my ND555 and a Vertere SG1 PS powers my Roksan TMS. So with the streamer, pre, 2 power amps, TT and phono amp it is 9 boxes plus speakers.
I suppose if I use the headphones again for some reason, then it’d be 4 as there is a Stax SRDX Pro powering the Lambda Pro cans.

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I have PSU for phonostage, a Lingo 1 for Lp12, 555Ps for NDS, Supercap 2 for 82, PSU for NAS Zoneripper, so that’s a count of 5 PSUs!

Two - I have an XPS DR for the NDX 2 and HiCap DR for the SuperNait 2.

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In my case:

1x LPS for router
1x LPS for switch
1x LPS for NAS
1x 555-DR for NDS
1 x Supercap-DR for 282

All in all 5!


Only :blush:?

I use 3 @IvoB: a SuperCapDr for the 252, a 555Dr for the NDX2 and the dr’d PSU for the 300.
No plans to add any :slight_smile:

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Just the 3 here

If we are talking about power supplies for things that don’t need it to work, then 2; one for sn2, one for phono stage.

HCdr, SCdr, NAPSC, XPSdr

So 4. But what are you actually trying to determine from this survey? Naim is build on the concept of external linear power supplies. There are going to be many extra boxes for a lot of us.

Good question

Related to the HiFi playback path

555DR for NDS
UltraCap for UltraRendu running the SonoreUPnP bridge
PSU for the Orbe TT
Charging PSU for the Batteries in the Bakoon EQA-11R phonostage
LPS for the EtherREGEN
LPS for the RPi (Asset UPnP server)

LPS for the NUC running ROCK
LPS for the main NAS index by Roon & Asset
LPS for Netgear 8-port Main Switch

2 an XPS and a non-Naim PSU

None. It was nice to see all that clutter go when I sold my 282.


Too many ! :slight_smile:

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Two hicap dr, one flat cap xs, one nap sc and assorted none Naim supplies for other hifi equipment

Six: 552PS, 500PS, 2x555PS, NAPST, K-Rad.

Yes, I know. But recently start considering the idea of reducing the box count. In my case a SN3 could substitute 4 boxes (pre, amp, FC2, StageLine) and most probably will upgrade the SQ. I like the SQ of my current system but box optimisation is somehow tempting.
So I was curious what kind of box count tolerance other members have.

How much is enough :grinning:?

Ahh we get to the crux of the matter.

I think that’s a good point. On the other hand, the only relevant question is what is your own box count tolerance?

If it doesn’t bother you, it gives a lot of upgrade flexibility. If it does bother you more than the potential benefit that, regardless of whether others think you should or should not go for low box count, you should do something about it.

Box count aside, a SN3 would probably be a step up. Hard to say whether it beats a stageline though. If not a 202/200dr might be better and keep the stageline while reducing box count by 1.

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