How much of your total system budget on speakers?

Just saw a post from Paul at PS Audio where he claims you should spend 60-70% of your total system budget on the speakers. How many percent of your systems total have you spent on speakers? :slight_smile:

50% and falling (as the value of the front end increases!)


At 20% for speakers. pretty balanced system considering cables and everything. more on source about 33%. works well for me.


About 60%

I would advise anyone strapped for cash to spend most of their initial budget on the source components and amps, making do with budget 'speakers to start with.
Then, as funds permit, chop in the budget 'speakers and get the best you can afford financially.

2.5%. Seriously.


PS One source


Who is this Paul and why should we give a toss about what he says?


30% on Atc scm11

Sounds like bunkum.

We’ve just seriously upgraded electronics so current speaker spend is well under 10%. We might consider a speaker upgrade after we have 300DR. However likely candidates such as SF Olympica Nova or Kudos 606 (even at new prices) would be nowhere near 60% of system cost. More like 15%.

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38% (source, amplification and speakers)
25% (total system)
Interesting take, as they are the component that produces sound but for context the statement related to more entry level products than majority of those on this forum.

20-30% , boxes, cables, racks and power leads.

Of course the percentage floats , in the way a mullet doesn’t


3.2% - on a very nice pair of used mkii SBL’s with the Hornslett cabinets in walnut. Absolute bargain!


With the change in tech a Kef LS60 owner could pitch 100%.


My last speaker upgrade pushed the percentage from a mere 10% up to 30% and it was a massive improvement, in most respects far more significantly that swapping boxes on the rack ever was. I honestly think there is too much focus on expensive electronics here, perhaps unsurprisingly now that Naim don’t make speakers.
Of course, source first is a safe bet compared to a mullet which is likely to disappoint, but the real value lies in getting the balance between these two extremes just right. Good dealers tend to have the experience to get this right for their customers.


Well he’s getting the attention he presumably wanted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This really is a misnomer. In my case roughly 25 % BUT I’ve got 3 sources. Just get the right speakers to optimise your system in your environment.




My own experience is that changing speakers has always been the major shift on sound signature. The electronics for sure change things but no where near as a change of speakers do. Therefore I personally find logic in that the majority of spending should be on speakers. It’s however not how I have spent the money so far. Roughly 15% on speakers in my system.


50%, but that’s because I’m just getting started and bought speakers to grow into a little. When I hopefully purchase a SN3+HC+NDX2+XPS, speakers will be less than 30%.

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Speakers need to be (ideally) 100% how you like your system to sound with the music you like in the room you use them - nothing more, nothing less works for me. Budgeting them vs the cost of the whole system as an exercise has never been something I’ve done and is not relevant for me.


Go on, do the sums!