How to configure Asset UPNP on my Synology NAS

After receiving a prompt I updated my Synology NAS to DSM V7. Unfortunately this rendered my Asset UPNP app redundant to strem music to my ND5XS 2. I have removed it and downloaded an updated version from the dbpoweramp website and installed onto the NAS.

However, I can’t remember how to configure it to add the music folder on my NAS so it scans all the tracks within the folder. A Google search states that I should see this screen with the option to configure.

Unfortunately when I launch Asset I see the options below with no option to configure. Has anybody got any ideas what I’ve missed or failed to do?

@Mike-B is your guy :+1:

Just click on the Folders link then Add Folder

Thank you for the prompt answer.

Unfortunately I have already tried that and when I try to add my music folder I get a warning stating access to the folder contents is denied. I haven’t changed any settings within the NAS other than upgrade to DMS7 so have no idea why it won’t le me add the folder.

Thank you FrenchRooster. :+1:

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What are the folder permissions on the Steve Music folder? As the message says you may have to make that folder readable by the Asset user

I can’t help (sorry FR)
My change to DSM-7 went without an hitch - or maybe better say (fingers crossed) none that I’ve found so far.
I don’t use ‘add folder’ TBH, I load direct to the standard Synology ‘Music’ volume.
When I rip or download & its a new artist, I make a folder (named as per artist etc) & upload that over Windows File Explorer to NAS. Then when more albums of the same artist get loaded the album ‘finds’ that folder.

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Yes but surely you’ll have used the Add Folder once to set the root folder for your music. I set mine in the example above to /share/Public/Music and every time I add a new album it gets copied in to a folder under that one and Asset finds it just fine

Not that I recall, but I set it up way back in 2014 & it was all done over the Synology setup disc (CD) Plus that was way before Asset for Synology was available.

@Juiceloose in the file manager app on your NAS there will be an option to set folder permissions, you need to make sure that all the read options are checked and that should get you past the permissions error.
Alternatively use a ssh client like putty to log on to the NAS and once you’re logged on type in the following commands

cd /volume1
chmod 755 'Steve Music'

The second command makes the Steve Music folder readable by all accounts on the NAS

You have also the @trickydickie thread on the search part on Asset and classical albums.
May help too.

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Apologies for the late reply and thank you to everybody for their responses and suggestions.

I managed to add my folder titled Steve Music by selecting the ‘Edit as plain text’ option from the folder tab in Asset then copying and pasting the path /volume1/Steve Music into the field then selecting add followed by apply. The folder then appears in the list (See image 1). However when I select rescan folders detecting changes, it doesn’t find any of the albums or tracks within the folder. The permissions are set to read as they were before I updated to DSM7.

As a test, I then transferred all of my music from my ‘Steve Music’ folder into the default Synology Music folder and added that folder to Asset (See image 2).

I then selected rescan folders detecting changes and Asset then picked up every album and track within the folder.

Whilst I can now stream music again to my ND5XS 2. I am confused as to why Asset finds the albums/tracks in one folder but not the other when all the permissions on both folders are are identical. Does anybody know why this might be?

Further to my last post I have now sorted it. Within my permissions list for the default folder, Asset was listed. Within the permissions for my Steve Music folder, Asset wasn’t listed but Media was. I have no idea what Media referred to so I edited it to Asset and voila, it now finds every album/track.

I think you were on the right track Eelverdiblanco with your advice re permissions.

Thank you again to everybody who replied to my original post.

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