How to Connect Samsung TV to Naim amp?

Yeah, ours has that big black surround as well.

The new frameless screens/TVs are also far lighter, noting your feline companions. So it’s also worth thinking on how secure you will want it to be, if it won’t be wall-mounted(?). Mine has a central stand, with a plate base. A big target!!!

Unlike the Pioneer, I can lift the Samsung with relative ease. The Pioneer requires 2 people with wits about them in how to disengage from the wall-mount (lift and left IIRC).

That’s what I do, small USB powered optical to RCA converter.


You can also use an HDMI ARC to RCA convertor.

Your new TV should have one of its multiple HDMI connections labelled as ARC or eARC (for enhanced)

TV → HDMI ARC connection → HDMI cable → ARC to RCA converter → RCA to DIN cable → Preamp

Your budget will define the level of performance and system complexity here, you could as an example add a preloved Naim DAC and put that between the TV and preamp connected from the TV’s optical digital output.

TV → optical digital out → Naim DAC → RCA or DIN to DIN cable → Preamp

The digital outputs from the TV (optical or HDMI ARC) are prefered and the intermediary DAC with suitable optical or ARC inputs will define the overall performance achievable.

Ideally you want a single digital audio output from the TV that consolidates the analogue signal sent to your preamp over a single digital audio output from the TV, then regardless of source, the TV can be configured to always output to your audio output of choice.

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The solution I arrived at for my main lounge setup was an LG Gallery Series OLED which, whilst it can be standmounted with an additional stand accessory, is designed specifically to be flush mounted to a flat surface with a special (included) wall mount.
The TV itself has a flat back with cable routing recess and sits a total of 19.9mm off the wall it’s mounted to.
I had a wall built around that so the screen sat within it’s own 20mm recess with an access gap of 20mm all around it and this also allowed for placement of in wall, flush mount (Focal) speakers.
All the cabling lives behind the structure with equipment located in cupboards at the base.
I did it this way in part to avoid my young childrens curious hands disturbing the setup and visually to create a seamless installation.
If space and budget allow I can wholly recommend creating a defined space around the TV itself.


Thanks. The 3 doorways and large amount of glass preclude doing this in my space.

I think my preferred solution is a (pre-loved) quality DAC, using the optical output from the TV. As you say, with Sky box (to be Q) and Oppo Blu-ray feeding this, it’s a neat small-box solution and easily de-mountable for me, as there are times when I may wish to move the TV, which will be sat in free space rather than on a wall bracket.

I am going to be left with a bit of a rat’s nest of cabling due to over-long HDMIs but, I suspect like many of us, the rule is never sell the longer cable for you never know when you may need it again!

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I had a similar setup in the past, split off all the digital audio from sources (optical/coaxial) and routed that separately from the HDMI video signals via an Arcam AV amp.
If you had a DAC that had HDMI ARC on it then the cabling could be somewhat simpler as the TV would do the splitting and you’d need only a single HDMI cable between your TV and DAC.
In that sort of setup the source device would carry their audio to the TV over HDMI then the TV outputs the HDMI audio again over an HDMI cable using ARC.
If you choose a DAC that lacks an HDMI ARC input, then you can connect your source devices directly to the DAC for audio over optical/coaxial, and HDMI to TV for video signals.

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Thanks to all who responded on this thread. It helped to get my (naïve) head around things.

New TV is set up and the picture is scarily ahead of the Pioneer plasma, to the point that it’s almost too sharp - that’s what 20+ years of evolution in TV development has done. It’s about 4M’s away from seating position and I think its needs to be. Any closer and I fear the movements would be too fast for my ageing eyes.

Sound from TV alone is pretty good (60w’s output cited), even in free space i.e. without any reinforcement from back wall, but not good enough to get the full benefit of Blu-rays (cannot wait to play Beth & Joe, Live in Amsterdam with full set-up).

Pre-loved Naim DAC is on the way from ‘you know who’ in St. Albans to complete the kit roster, with SkyQ-man due next week which, I understand, will mean a new dish and cabling run, which can be extended to suit new requirements.

What appeared to be a simple project (in my naïve mind) of replacing the Pioneer has cost more than anticipated but, with help (again thank you), all is good and the viewing and listening experience should be much improved.

Have now got to somehow hide where the Pioneer’s wall bracket was! I’m hoping the matching tin of emulsion from years ago is still viable.

Good move. That’s a very flexible digital hub and will work well with the rest of your kit. Remember to set the signal ground switch on the DAC to floating as you’ve got a CD555 in the system.

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Thank you - will do.

I considered others (e.g. Chord - ahem!) but was a tad scared of any idiosyncrasies as regards earthing paths.

I’ll have to start off with existing cable of RCAs out/DIN in at pre-amp end, and then see if a DIN/DIN alternative, which won’t come cheap given it’ll be a ~4M run, will be better(?).

Why don’t you run a long Toslink (optical) cable from the Sky Q box or TV to the DAC ?

I’m going to do this - probably only 0.5M, as the TV & DAC & SkyQ box will/can be sited together. The problem is the pre-amp is far way (in relative terms).

Or, do you think it would be better to run an optical ~4m from the SkyQ/TV to the DAC, the latter to be sited near the pre-amp (which is an option), so a standard 5-pin DIN would then do the job (DAC to pre-amp)?

I think I have a spare lavender signal i/c somewhere.

I’ve no experience with optical i/c’s, so as to know the best quality of delivery.

I’d keep the DAC with the system and use a longer Toslink cable. A decent optical cable from Chord (C-Lite) or Audioquest (Pearl) in that length is around £60.

Thank you – and certainly worth experimenting.

I’ll now go on a lavender i/c hunt.

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Agreed on spanning the distance using optical cable. The Naim DAC will sit favourably within your existing system and provide a capable link between digital and analogue.
Love a happy ending, enjoy the new toys!
You can always put a 555PS on it if you get bored later on :relaxed:

@HappyListener few thoughts, followed this thread; been away.
I have Naim in a couple of rooms, AV in a different room with AV kit from Scotland.
HDMI into tv - you have already had covered.
I use toslink from Sky HD to processor (DAC) - Audioquest or similar will be fine - mine is probably c10m.
You could consider Toslink from both tv and Sky box - you may find that gives more flexibility for varying lip-syc.
Sky Arts has a Barenboim piano concert, great for getting the syc aligned.

Try also, Oppo sound direct connect to DAC or NAC (leaving HDMI to tv). My Oppo has HDMI pass through, which I don’t think your model accepts, but other options.

Sky Q - from my experience, Sky does not broadcast anything like as much 4k as might be expected. BBC HD is not 4k, unless it has recently been added.

Unless you are into footie, check what you would use. I told Sky intention to leave and negotiated a really drastically reduced sub on Sky HD, albeit dropping Sky sports.

Sky forums report issues with wifi, so may be best to ethernet cable a sky q box, even if the installer says its fine - it may cause issues with your wifi.

I decided against Sky Q, added an Apple tv 4k box, which does allow 4k from more sources. Your samsung may have all the apps you need, I just use tv as a 4k display.


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Thanks. I’m going to try cutting the corner with sound and take optical from SkyQ and Oppo and see how that works. I didn’t appreciate optical cable is cheap as chips.

Initially, as I’ve discovered I haven’t got a DIN:DIN I/C (DAC to NAC), I’m going to position the DAC near the TV and run long RCA:DIN to NAC. It’ll be sub-optimal, as I’m running out of plug sockets, part due to BT FTTP taking one for their in-box, which has the router close-by.

Once I’ve got an idea on quality, I can play around.

FYI, my SkyQ is far cheaper than existing Sky+HD (box), with Sports. I negotiated a deal many years back and SkyQ, with UHD capability, plus Sky Sports (not for footie though) is to cost £54pm. I got better than the on-screen deal. I need a service visit to re-do incoming Sky cabling anyhow.

I must say (and paging @suzywong here given Pioneer user), the Samsung does exhibit some drift on movement, perhaps due to being cabled via an elderly extension lead (with indicator light - never good) and fed via an elderly HD box. I bought the £899 model, the next one being £1299 (IIRC). I was told the additional costs relates to processor speeds.

It’s a bit like digital audio, in some respects it’s better but there are some vices.

One drawback appears to be that if you unplug the Samsung (polar bears and all that), it drops the internet connection, which has then to be re-set. Fortunately the router is now close-by so WPS re-set is simple.

Sounds like you have a similar deal to the one I managed to get, albeit with the HD box.
I assume you are using wifi rather than ethernet, for the Samsung connection. Plan a back haul connection for each in due course.
Just a thought on sky though, have you been advised that you loose all planner recordings when you change the box; no work around for those = lost; while downloads have to be re-activated.
It will be interesting to see just how much longer sky defer the role out of their streaming box. It is available in limited markets in europe but no word here yet, days of a dish were numbered, but i imagine delays to wider fibre bband role out and the last couple of years have had an adverse impact.
Enjoy the experience, just beware of rabbit holes; next stop 5.1 or even 7.2 AV. Just a thought…perhaps! You did suggest HL you were “just” changing the screen!

Likely I will hook up via ethernet from router to TV – am not sure what SkyQ brings yet. The rat’s nest of cabling at that end of the room is growing! In swinging the room seating/TV around 180 degrees, I’ve also got lengthy speaker cables in the vicinity.

I’ve not much saved on the 'box, so no issues there. TBH, I’m not finding Sky’s drama offerings to be much cop of late. Perhaps it’s the time of year?

I’ve no interest in anything beyond 2-channel – I have problems enough with that in my room.

I’m not sure where things have got to with streaming either. I cross-checked to BT’s TV packages and things were pretty much the same as with Sky, and there appeared no real benefit of being a BT FTTP BB customer. Plus I dislike BT’s initial discounting of many of their services. Around my way, they stopped offering continuation of FTTC BB (or Superfast) but I think they’ve had delivery issues with the FTTP services.

I have my Sony TV conected with Naim via a somple cable… From phones jack to rca.