How To delete Playlists From Preloved Atom

I have obtained a pre loved Atom and have found albums and playlists left on it by the previous owner.
How do I expunge all of these from my Atom?
Thank you.

Hard reset the Atom…? Must be a way to do this. Read the instructions - or find them on Naim’s web site. Or email Naim support…

Just stating the obvious here.

I don’t know if a factory reset deletes the playlists, but on a pre-owned one I would in any case do it.

At least on the NDX2 it seems to, so I would expect the same on the Atom:

If the playlists survive the reset, go to the Playlist tab in the app and delete them?

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Hi @IanRobertM
I had tried all that apart from emailing Naim support. Tried that once and still waiting for a responce, IMHO life is to short to wait about or chase people.
Thank you.
Kind REgards.

Hi @Suedkiez
The playlists are not listed in the Playlist tab in the app.
So I have carried out a factory reset. The only problem is now I cannot remember how I found them in the first place!!! I blame old age and poverty.
Thank you for your input.
Kind Regards.

Odd! Haha. I am not a Naim app & playlist expert sadly (usually using Roon) and myself cannot get rid of a test playlist, probably because I have beta app and release app installed, on two devices, and as much as I am trying to delete it everywhere, it somehow always manages to reappear …

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