How to make a LP12 plinth

Forgive me if this already been posted previously but I thought you LP12 fans would appreciate this YouTube video on making a LP12 plinth.


Well worth posting, IMO.

The same You Tubers has other HiFi related videos, including one making a plinth for Garrard 301.

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Is that the £13,000 deck?

It is…


Lovely - I’ve never seen a plinth being made before.
Thanks for posting @Dashing !

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You’re welcome.

I have no idea how it would compare with my LP12 but, after watching this, I think I want one!

Totally fascinating. Just shows what you can do when you know what you are doing. Shame you need £100,000 or so of woodworking machinery as well!

As with so many of this type of video, I often wonder why my Hi-Fi, cameras, car etc. costs so much. After seeing how it is done, now I know!

I love my LP12 but after watching this, it does look a bit cheap…


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