How to multiroom (no multiroom button)

Hello, I am new to this group and I would like to seek your help to solve my problem. I own a Mu-so-0C70 and I have just acquired a Mu-so-Qb (both are first generation). I thought it would be simple to pair them for multiroom use, but surprisingly, I can’t find how to do it in the Focal&Naim app (6.0). All I found in the app that mentions Multiroom is in Settings - Input Setup - Multiroom where I can enable and name the input but nothing more (option is activated for the devices).

I read this post from @tdougg which discusses the same issue, but unfortunately it seems that it has not been resolved: Multiroom button not present in Naim App since Focal/Naim Update?

Can someone help me?

You can only multiroom with the digital inputs, so try iradio.

Thank you Robert for the clarification. I wanted to confirm that it’s working with iRadio. Very surprised though that it cannot work with Spotify. Why is it so?

It certainly works with Tidal, so I would have thought it would also work on Spotify.

Multiroom works with Tidal or Qobuz because they are integrated into the Naim app. Spotify can only be used from its own app so the option isn’t there. You can use Airplay or Chromecast multiroom, though.

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Embarrassingly, I’ve only just discovered that you can simply join a Multiroom session from the top dial of a Mu-so…Just happened to turn the kitchen QB on and noticed the multi-room icon, one press and it joins an already playing device in the house……(not sure what would happen if two separate devices were already playing?)

I have always initiated Multiroom from the App, until now (for the Mu-so’s anyway)….! :flushed:


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