Multiroom button not present in Naim App since Focal/Naim Update?

New to the forum, I’ve searched and read about 15 multiroom issue posts here but haven’t found this issue.

I run a 1st gen Mu-so and Mu-so Qb in separate rooms. Both play fine individually via the app. I would typically play something on one of them via the Spotify app then go to the Naim app, select the active player, then hit the multiroom button at the bottom and activate the other one.

This function is gone since the Focal & Naim update to the app. I went to the local music shop where I purchased (Sound Environment in Omaha, great shop) and I connected to their wifi from my phone and the multiroom button was where is always used to be, running my app in my phone, connecting to their 2nd Gen Mu-so devices.

Come back home, and it’s gone. See pictures below detailing 1) I have two connected Mu-so devices 2) the multiroom button is simply not present in the Spotify view 3) the multiroom button is not present in the internet radio view

I also noticed when playing Spotify at the shop on 2nd Gen the album art would be present in the bottom left corner of the Spotify view in the Naim app but at home none of the album art comes up in the Spotify view. Thanks for your help!

As it works in the shop where you bought the equipment, it suggests there is an issue with the router in your own installation.
Have you tried shutting down the power to all of your equipment, restart the router, wait until it is fully restarted, then one by one, restart your Muso’s.
Also, try a delete and reinstall of the Naim app at the same time.

Is Multiroom still turned on in the inputs for both your musos? It’s a setting in the app. You need to enable it in both. No doubt the units in the shop did still have it enabled. It’s nothing to do with your router.

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Multiroom is, and was, turned on in the app settings. If indeed the setting is to be found under the “inputs” menu, see photo below. I also did a firmware upgrade as part of the initial troubleshooting process last week. Sincere thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately it appears to already be on and the multiroom button is still missing.

Message board only allowing me to post one photo now, but setting is the same for the Qb.

Ok. You do know that you can’t multiroom high def music? You could try some CD quality music which should multiroom ok. If you try to multiroom high definition music, by which I mean 96 kHz 24 bit for example, when you go to the now playing screen on the master (ie the one you are playing from) then the multiroom icon will be missing.

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I did uninstall/reinstall app. Turn off, unplug, and restart Mu-so units. And reset router without success. Thx for suggestion.

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Went into settings → inputs → Spotify → Sportify bitrate and dropped to the lowest available which is 96 kbps. Did this for both devices. Did not have appearance of multiroom button after doing so including with an app hard close out and restart.

This sounded promising. Is their some other high def audio setting I’m missing other than the one above?

There is no hi-res audio option in Spotify, so unfortunately this does not explain your problem.
There are no other audio settings in the Naim app that relate to this - as long as the stream is compatible it just plays it.

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I had overlooked that you had the problem with Spotify. As Chris says, it should work with Spotify since none of that is high definition/resolution.

I was going to suggest you uninstall and reinstall the app, and don’t try to set up the musos in the newly installed app, as you don’t need to do that. But you already tried that. Not sure what else to suggest.

An easy thing to try would be another phone (for example a friend’s phone). Also perhaps you could take your Qb along to your dealer and put it on their network with a cable, then see whether you can see the multiroom icon with your phone there. And you could try connecting your muso and Qb to your router by cables instead of wireless and see whether that helps. (Ethernet cables are cheap as chips so you could buy a couple just to lay across the floor and try out.)

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