How to store Focal Utopia Headphones with LONG cables?

I will be using Focal Utopia with Cardas Clear beyond FTP cables. 4.5 meters. How best to store them? Can I put them on an empty shelf on my rack, or is there a better way?

If later I get a power supply for the NDX2, can I put the phones on top of that or will the power supply get hot?

Are you using a headphone stand ? your lovely Utopias deserve the best.

I purchased a headphone stand and screwed a brass hook on the back for cable storage.


@glasnaim no I am not. Cost, within reason is not an issue. I would like a stand that accommodates both the headphone and the 4.5 meter cable.

A decent headphone stand won’t cost a fortune, no suggestions regarding a stand that also accommodates the cable, not something I’ve ever wanted.
Looks a nice cable I’ve no experience of Cardas cables.

@glasnaim i will be using the headphone amp from my SN3. Unfortunately the SN3 does not provide record out.m, so I am limited regarding headphone amps. I figure that a 5K headphone deserves a great cable.

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It does via the av in/out and stream in/out sockets so you can use an external headphone amp.

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