How tu upgrade from Naim Supernait 2 + Hi-Cap

Good afternoon

I’ve been thinking for a long time and I can’t reach a decision.

I currently have Supernait 2 + Hi-Cap DR + NDS + dedicated amplifier for NDS + NACA5 + Powerline for each device + Proac Response D48 ribbon.

I would like to make a new purchase of various Naim products but I cannot understand what is better to upgrade my current Supernait 2 and have more power, dynamics and quality:

  1. Exchange the SN2 with a Pre-Amplifier Naim 282 + Final NAP 250DR.

But will the change of Supernait 2 with the 282 preamplifier with the 250 DR power amplifier also give me improvements in power and dynamics? Supernait 2 have 80w 8 ohm and 250DR too.

Would I add power and dynamics to my SN2 before?


  1. Exchange the SN2 with 282 + two 200DR each per speaker or in bi-amplification


  1. Keep my current SN2 and do SN2 + 250DR in bi-amplification


  1. Hold the SN2 and do SN2 + 200DR in bi-amplification

I would like to stay in Naim.

Can you help me understand which is the best choice to have more power, dynamics and quality?

Thank you

IIRC correctly, Naim does not really support bi-amping - my thoughts would be to go eventually to a separate pre- and power amplifier.

282/250 is overwhelmingly the best option. I’d forget all the others.


I already have Naim NDS as a network streamer so why to buy 272?

So for me the 282 + 250 should be the best choice.

But would I also have more power and dynamics than Supernait 2?

I ask you why on paper Supernait 2 and NAP 250 DR both have 80w.

Sorry that was a typo. The 282/250 is simply a lot better in terms of getting you closer to the music. Absolute power is only a very small part of the equation. You will get a lot more dynamics, and a lot more besides.


Hi, Welcome!

With the quality of your source, I would think a NAC252 and Supercap would be a more meaningful improvement over what you have now.

Please forget about bi-amping. Naim are not keen on it. Intriguingly you could use your SN2 as a NAP as an interim step with the NAC252/SC, if you wanted to do the upgrade in stages. Naim is all about the control of the signal going into the power amp, not the output of the power amp per se. A case in point, a friend with a NAC552 has a problem with his NAP250DR at the moment. In the meantime, he is using his chrome bumper NAP110 with very little loss of speed and dynamics.


Joins my predecessor’s opinion.
If the financial considerations are significant to you, I would recommend you to NAC52 after a periodic service, which instead of the 252 mentioned above, is in my opinion much more musical than the model they replaced

I recently moved from an SN2 with Hicap Dr to a 282/250dr. As good as the SN2 is, the improvement is very very significant. Personally I would ignore the other options


More likely a Freudian slip, but it’s ok. :innocent:


Thank you I will order :


and I will sell my Naim Supernait 2


Good decision. I’m sure you will love it. I’m assuming you have a good stand to put it all on.

“Predecessor”! If you don’t mind, I’m still alive.

if you are in the Uk supernait 3 are at some good prices if you look . would have thought that was best option

Why is the best option? The 282/250 will be much better.

I had thought of putting the Naim NDS on a shelf on its own as it is now.

And then put the NAC 282 on top of the NAP 250 DR.

Do I do well?

Absolutely not. The 282 must be on its own shelf and away from powered components.

This might even sound worse than a SuperNAIT. The SuperNAIT is designed to have the power supply integrated, but the 282 should be well away from any transformer. I’m not on your level, but I ran a Nac 72 a whole on top of a nap 140 and by moving the 140 away from the 72 the music became much more airy, transparent etc …


I’ll put the 282 away and on its own on a rack shelf!

Thank you

Strictly speaking, they do, as the Supernait has a dedicated biamp output. But if it was me, I would get a 282, then a 250, probably in that order, especially as the OP already has a Hicap.

What interconnect and speaker cables do you have? Going Superlumina will be a massive improvement on your current set up, most likely better than a black box upgrade and a lot cheaper. Then if you go separates you will still use them.

It’s easy to make the mistake of upgrading electronics before you have got the most out of the ones that you have.