HummingGuru - 12" LPs slightly too small to work?

Not sure if anyone else has come across this but just in case. It may be of help to anyone who has one of these cleaners and a few odd size LP’s

I noticed a few LPs & 12"s would not spin in the cleaner and I’d have to turn them manually… a PITA. I then discovered that if I placed an Allen Key through the hole of the record and apply a small bit of pressure to move the record back towards the side that the power cable plugs into it would start to turn again. Obviously that’s the driving wheel on that side and if the record is a bit smaller than the standard size, it wouldn’t be able to gain any traction to turn.

So, not wanting to stand around holding an Allen Key through the hole while a record is cleaning, I thought of an idea that would make use of that little right angle cutout at the top…

Anyway, with a little bit of tweaking to get the wire to follow the cutout, (wire started out life as a coat hanger) plus a bit of tape to cover any sharp edges at the end and job done. Record now spins. The side that latches over the wire is approx 5-8mm shorter than the other side so it helps keep just enough pressure to keep the record in contact with the moving wheel! Cheap quick and easy fix :grinning: :+1:

Have you tried removing the filter at the bottom of the tank when cleaning problem LPs? That has worked every time for me so far

No… I’ll try to see if it does. Does that cause a problem, as in, no longer filtering the water though?

It’s a very coarse filter, the plastic piece at the bottom of the tank. I refit it after the problem record has been cleaned. I think the advice might even be in the official manual for the machine… it isn’t after checking just now, but I’m sure I recall it being mentioned on here somewhere

Thanks… if the wire cradle fails to work on an LP I’ll try removing the filter. The wire only takes a second to pop on and seems to work nicely… for now!

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I’ve had a few that wouldn’t turn. So far I’ve always managed to get them to go by just pressing them down/back a bit. I’ve never had one stop after that.

Here’s the post that originally brought my attention to the filter removal

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