I did a thing ... 500DR to come

Bonn 8 vs Ansuz Powerswitch :smile: :man_shrugging:


I will certainly do just that, it will be the first place it goes once i have run it for a few weeks to burn it in off the system.
As this will be a true test off it’s abilities.

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Some are running it like this:

Router > ethernet cable > ee8 > Farad Super 3 > ethernet > PhoenixNet > ethernet > streamer/ NAS etc.

You are running PN from router or another switch?

I have the ee8 and Farad Suoer 3 then Audioquest vodka into Streamer. Sounds great.

Leaving it alone as have had enough of upgrades now! Time to enjoy it all!


I have a cisco switch under the stairs. This has everything plugged into it and a catsnake cable runs from this to the PhoenixNet.
I also have a catsnake cable running from the router to the cisco switch

Sorry for the not so accurate post from me. But I stay curious because I think to remember that @drago found the EE8 a bit faster or something like that. And Darkbeer preferred his Etheregen vs the PhoenixNet.
On the contrary Gazza and I, and some others, like it a lot.


Nice to hear that you also have a crunch for both diamond and sigma.
Diamond is more attack! That’s what I meant with thunderstorm, but compared to sigma it is a bit artificial- not as natural as sigma.
How do you use your cables? From server to switch - diamond and from switch to streamer - sigma?

Like the title :laughing:

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Yes - had the same journey with the phoenix. Phoenix when warm and run in brings the same magic to the system as the shunyata did. And in my system the work well together :grin:

The cable between my zenith an phoenix I have not touched yet. Still a cinnamon. Tested vodka some time ago between server/switch and it was too much. Still have a catsnake 3m to test, but so far the cinnamon is a bit rough and might be good for balance.
Diamond would be nice but I have only 1,5 m and need 3 :blush:

Exactly what I thought from PN - spot on. No softness - very naim like!:+1:

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The game reopens :smiling_face: farad….
You should also give the PM a second chance - the warm character is a good match to the neutral sigma

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Ee8 was faster but PN was overall much better in … music :heart_eyes:


Unlikely as hardly anyone has tried it on this forum.

Also, the results will very greatly of any cable depending on the system and electrical environment it is used in and the preferences of the listener, so It’s not just the attribute to the cable that determine whether it makes a positive difference or not.


Agreed, most of the Neotech support seems to be coming from a ‘bloke’ in Sweden! However, Dunc has some on order, so we’ll be able to see how it compares to Diamond. I still have BJC running from my Core to switch, so if it is that good I will try some.

There does at least seem to be some consensus between Cheddar Cheeese, Drago and myself with regard to the sound of Catsnake, BJC, Vodka, Diamond and SR Sigma in relatively similar systems. We are all describing similar attributes, which is a bit more comforting to know.


Yes, that is my server streaming path. Based more on cable lengths than science, but it does make sense to have the more ‘neutral’ sounding Sigma as the last brick in the wall.

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I am also a quiet supporter of the neotech copper Ethernet cable (I think it is the 3008?) in the sense that it sounds good in my system.

:beer: I could do with one of those.

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:joy:. Yes, bear, not beer .

By the way … I am thinking about getting 552ps and 500ps serviced. For both head units it needs to go the factory and I want to avoid long shipping. 552 is 2013 / 500 is 2017.
I think both (esp. 500) will have some time, but outside the uk options for local service is a bit more rare. :blush:

To be honest, if everything is sounding okay, I wouldn’t bother. I know it’ll make you feel more comfortable but you’ll know when they need a service. I’d enjoy a few more years of fun before worrying about that sort of thing.

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