I need to get a new car

So I need to get a new car that I can carry more stuff in. I have an Audi A4 great car but I need to carry more bulky stuff. I’m in the USA and unfortunately we don’t get the Audi A4 Avant here… we get the A4 Allroad that looks stupid… We get the RS6 Avant but it’s way out of my price range… I really don’t want an SUV… I’m thinking the VW Golf R would do the trick. I’m off to look at one today. I really need to measure the boot to see if its deep enough. FWIW all the fun to drive SUV’s are super expensive Audi SQ5, MB GLC AMG, BMW X3M… Anyone want to opine ? VW Golf R. 315hp, all wheel drive, 0-60 3.9 seconds !!

If all wheel drive is a priority, the top of the line Subaru Outback rides nicely, is well appointed and the cargo area is impressive. It is as pleasing as my former Audi A6 and Cadillac SRX.
Best of luck in your search.


I think the Golf estate has a huge boot, if that’s what you are looking at

Yeah but it’s Sloooow :wink:

VW does not offer Golf Estate in the U.S. just SUV’s and again slow. If I was RICH which I’m not. My #1 choice would be the Audi RS 6

Would a trailer work for occasional use?

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I did wonder that. Golf boot may not be great unless you are ok with the seats down

I am a drummer, camper and cyclist so carry gear around often. I am also in Canada and have roughly the same selection of vehicles as you have. I owned a VW GTi for a number of years after having owned a Jetta GLi. The hatchback was a far better choice for my activities and the Gti was a great vehicle for me. I suspect the R is better still.

Our present vehicle is a Subaru Outback which we purchased to tow a small tear drop camping trailer (caravan). It’s been a great car, with loads of room, almost too much on occasion, necessitating careful strapping in of cargo, whereas everything fit snugly in the GTi. The Gti was also much sportier to drive. the Outback is a great highway cruiser, quiet and wonderful on snow-covered roads.

I really wish we had the sporty estate (wagon) versions of cars that the Europeans have access to. The A4 Avant would be on my wish list.

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Over in the UK my impression is that the Subaru is a bit of a ‘sleeper’. Those I know who have them use them for bumpy rural roads, shooting, load hauling and as high speed cruisers. Once hooked, they are hooked for ever. I hear about build quality, reliability etc, rather than fuel economy.

It’s one of those cars I’ve always wondered about but I’ve always wanted something else more.


Obvious choice to me would be a BMW 3 series Touring (estate) - assuming they are available in USA. Similar scale to the A4 but more pleasant to drive. They come in rear and 4 wheel drive variants and the six cylinder engines are fab.


It’s the Asian Saab. One of my friends can’t stop talking about Subaru.


Agreed. Even with the turbo it is slow. There is no replacement for displacement.

Take a look at Subaru Outback or Forester or one of their newer models.

I have a 2012 Outback and my wife has a 2019 Forester. Both have large cargo space. However they are not a sports car but they will get you where you need to go an all sorts of road conditions.

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Nope… no 3series wagon. BMW also killed off the X2 which would have been great

Maybe. I could just rent a one way, big ass SUV like a Chevy Suburban

I’m guessing environmental considerations aren’t foremost in your mind then…

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Golf R is fantastic, but not that big.

The new Beemer 3 series touring is everything the old never was. It is indeed the dogs cujones!:sunglasses:

Err how about the Mercedes C class estate - not quite as dynamic as the BMW but well made and with plenty of space. If USA has shunned this also, perhaps one of the Volvo estates could provide a decent solution eg V60 or V90?


Golf R has (slightly) less boot space than the FWD Golfs. You can’t lower the floor panel because there’s a diff in the way…

On 19" wheels it really doesn’t like potholes.

Golf 8 might be different…