IBLs again

I recall comparing a pair of Kans vs. IBLs vs. n-Sats with @Devraj , IIRC all being driven by a NAIT 2 and using a CDS2 (Or was it Naim DAC?) and an LP12 as source. IIRC, I liked them all, but if I had to rank them then I liked the n-Sats best and Kans least with the digital source, and the Kans best and n-Sats least with the LP12 source. IBLs were somewhere in the middle on both, but I did think that the NAIT 2 was likely just not ideal here to really wake them up fully.


I’ve had Linn Kan’s in the past and loved them. A bit bass shy but excellent mid and detail, really engaging and fun. One of my favourite combos was a pair of 135’s (chrome bumper) with the Kans. It went so loud with full control, super clean crisp sharp sound. I sold them to upgrade to SBL’s but still miss them.

Do IBL’s share the same tweeter as an SBL? I assume not as that would again make life easy ha!

The IBLs use the Scanspeak D2008/851100 tweeter, same as the SBL.


Ah that’s good news. Well I think i’ve located another set of IBL’s albeit in black but the guy has said they are mint and have new cross overs from Naim so they seem a good option. 400 sheets which is fairly hefty but if they are as described then it doesn’t seem too unreasonable…

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I wonder what new xovers bring to the party. Mine are pretty old and when I use the IXO it sounds significantly better. Not sure if it is the active trick or that the paxo’s are in dire need for a service.

When I had my IBLs they only really got going with an olive 250. I wouldn’t use them with less. In many ways they are more demanding than SBLs.


@Lewis Long term iBL owner (about 30+ years!) - owned from new, updated to Mk2’s (new Bass drivers / checked and tested etc) in few hours for me at the factory while on a visit. Worked perfectly well with a chrome 160, then a Supernait 2, and now a 250DR.

With a quality front end they will reveal much and even more when that is improved, as well as preamp and power supplies too of course. Always engaging and never boring, which why they are still here.


Those look mint :ok_hand:

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Very nice Geoff

Will keep you guys posted, trying to procure a set as we speak but as usual it involves driving half way around the country!!

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Wow, they look superb! All the Ibbles have a certain magic that is hard to give up. 32 years on SBLs here!


Many years ago I heard IBL’s active with 500’s. They made astonishing bass. Fed properly they can make great sound.


I have a chrome bumper 250 in my cupboard as well so can always use that but to be honest the Nap 120 sounds amazing I was genuinly surprised when I hooked it all up to the Shahinian Arcs are they are notoriously ‘thirsty’ when it comes to power and it wroks excellently as a combo. We shall see. I imagine some 135’s would drive them nicely, as I said above a pair of Kans via 135’s was bliss.


Uh oh;


They look rather nice…

Looks great. Bummer Naim can’t make a modern version of the IBL. There is something very special and unique about a small 2 way speaker (Like the ProAc Tablet 10). Enjoy!

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Thanks gents. Moved everything around and set them up this evening. I am really enjoying them so far. To echo my comments in the system pic thread I totally prefer them to the Arcs. They just have that signature Naim sound that I love.

In terms of condition they are 95% mint. I wanted cherry or walnut ideally but they’re so rare and their condition is so good I couldn’t refuse them. Black ash is a bit 90’s but they do seem to work with my retro system.

Price, 400 sheets which seemed fair as they have new crossovers and tweeters from Naim a few years ago.

Overall I’m pleased. I think they look neater than SBL’s too as they don’t have all that bracketry at the rear which you see when side on. In the position they are in my room I noticed this a lot with my last set and it bothered me despite how gorgeous they were in cherry.

I have a Nap 250 bolt down in the cupboard, hicap and 32.5 so will give them a whirl on that at some point. In terms of bass I had some electronic music playing this afternoon, quite loud, and can confirm there was some fairly decent bass booming through into the kitchen, much to the pleasure of my wife! :smiley: turn em up they do some bass! I think in my room they work just right whereas the arcs and other larger speakers I’ve tried in the past have a propensity to be somewhat boomy depending on placement. The ibbles are also super family friendly and no longer inhibit th

Anyway enough waffle!


They look fantastic, sounds like you got a great deal.

Loving the vintage shoeboxes too

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Hi @Lewis looking very good, however it appears that you don’t have the spikes installed which means they will sound far from optimum and not reach their potential. On that type of floor some Atacama Spike Shoes should work well under the iBLs, enjoy!


Thanks Geoff. I need to get some spike feet then I will add the spikes.

I have to say I am loving the sound of these so far. You know you love new speakers when you start to relisten to your entire CD/digital music collection again! :smiley:


A short break before the go to the living room again.

One of the tweeter connectors in the back of the ibls has a problem. When I fully push in the plug, it does not make proper connection. I need to pull it out a few mm and then it works.