Iconic album covers. What's your favourite? Continued

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I sow already a lot of …but

![image|666x500, 50%](upload://wwKI20wykN39kjDgBg8enwWSWXq


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…nothing has changed since last June to now, so re-posting—

Big Brother & The Holding Company - Cheap Thrills

…of course with Janis Joplin on vocals, just loved that album!

And to be honest I cannot identify your album cover can you let us know the name of album and artist?


There is a sticker on it if you click for the larger view. :wink:

Thanks for that, by blowing it up to a very large size I was able to read it.

…we used to have a member who was blind and used a software tool that would read the script to him but could not read images. He requested that members type the name of the album and artist so he could follow the thread. This was on the old forum but have not seen the comment for awhile. I always thought it was a reasonable request to assist the sight impaired individuals.


I think Alan is still a member but may have more advanced software to help with this.


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… Black album from Prince.

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…thanks …


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