If only more companies were like this

Obviously most of us get our hi-fi elsewhere these days but I’ve bought a few bits in Richer Sounds over the years. I bought a budget system in Amsterdam when I was living there for 2 years, a TV sound bar and other small bits and pieces. Always had a good experience and I learnt the ‘making handles from multiple layers of parcel tape’ trick from them which came in handy when as a dutiful father I made a handle for my son’s pack of beer to take to the Reading festival!

Really hope this works out for the employees…


Well done him - I am truly impressed with this news. :clap:


Thats cheered me up no end…good for him.


Good man. When I started at Naim as the Customer Service Manager, I read up on Julian Richer and he was an inspiration to me. If I were MD of a company I would absolutely want everybody working there to feel that they are truly a valued part of the business.



The obvious ommision in your post is truely telling…

Don, I’m not sure I get the meaning of your post. What omission?

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They seem to have something right, as they have been going a long time, serving the much needed budget end of HiFi (and sometimes rather better), with what has seemed to me to be decent choice and value. Meanwhile competitors like SuperFi came and went.

Yes. So many of the more upmarket Hi-Fi chains have disappeared, but still little big brother doing the business.

I’ve never used Richer Sounds until a couple of months ago. They were a bit slow in sending it out. The product was faulty and I needed to send it back. I packed and sealed it back up within a couple of hours of receiving it and called them. They insisted I take the product back out, photograph it from different angles and email them the pics, even though the fault was an internal electrical one. Very dissatisfied with that.

Julian Richer is selling a portion of his company to his staff and won’t pay any capital gains tax or income tax. He’ll receive further payments over a 15 year period.

Always been a fan of Richer Sounds, it’s my first port of call for TVs etc., and the service I’ve received has been great. The staff have gone that extra mile on the couple of occasions I’ve needed a bit of extra support.

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