Ifi power X for Plusnet router


Does anybody know what voltage Ifi power X I need for a Plusnet Hub router I need. Thanks.

It’s normally written on the original power supply.

Thanks. But I have poor eyesight.

If you’re using the Plusnet router that came free with your broadband package, your money would be much better spent on a replacement router - nothing fancy, just a decent Netgear, for instance - than power supplies for a product that cost pennies to make…


If your hub is the Plusnet One, it’s the same as the old BT HH5 type A & that has a 12v supply.

I don’t entirely agree with Clare that ISP hubs are not the best, the BT SmartHub2 is an outstanding device. However the old BT HH5 was not up to standard.

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You will need to know how many Amps it requires and ensure the PSU can provide enough.

Hi Claire,

Will any Netgear model be compatible. I thought they were tied.

If the Plusnet is indeed a repackaged BT HH5
Type-A pulls 9.2W in operation (less when in idle ode)
Type-B pulls 14W

So to be sure I would be looking for the iFi unit to supply at least 1.5 amps (18W)
I see its rated at 12V/1.8A so it should be OK.

I’m not sure what you expect it to do for your Plusnet, but I suspect it won’t change much

No, you’re not tied into using the router that comes with Plusnet.

You just need to ensure the replacement router is compatible with the service you use (Fibre etc).

I would strongly suggest you explore this; the overwhelming majority of problems our Support team encounter with network issues can be traced back to ‘freebie’ routers.

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Well, apart from that huge glitch that caused all BT SmartHub 2 customers to lose connection to a wide range of streaming devices, for months… :wink:

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It was not a ‘huge’ glitch, the solution was simply to not use 5GHz if you did have a problem.
I did not experience the problem & my separate 2.4 & 5GHz bands connected OK.

Hi Claire,

I can’t replace my Plusnet router as Netgear doesn’t have a DSL input.

It affected many thousands of users whom don’t have a clue what 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz meant. Third-party routers did not have this problem.

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That doesn’t sound right - it’s a really common connection.
Even Plusnet here gives guides on how to use other routers:

I know it’s not the easiest thing to do, but there are people here with the knowledge to help - and as stated up top, a decent router is by far a better idea than trying add-ons to your existing box.

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This might be a help re Netgear & DSL

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There is an input labeled internet/WAN is the same as DSL?

Do you have a picture of the input panel?

As @Mike-B helpfully mentions above, you need a combined Modem/Router. Doesn’t need to be Netgear -any reputable brand.

That’s were I was going wrong. I was looking at router only. Will check out modem/router. Thanks .

I have done exactly this - replaced the supplied Plusnet SMPS with an iPower X - 12v. It did improve both Wi-Fi and Ethernet SQ (I.e. clearer more defined notes/music).

I did have to buy an aftermarket DC ‘tip’ from the Bay as the ones supplied by IFi didn’t fit.

The PlusNet One is a nice stable router with which I have had no connectivity issues with Naim (NDX2, Atom, Muso Qb2), DCS(NWB), Melco (N100) and Chord devices (the 2Go on the latest firmware).

Just recently I have turned to a ‘spare’ Plixir 12v balanced LPSU as a trial to power the PlusNet router and that is a further step up, as it should be.

I also run 2 “daisy-chained” EE8 switches, with their own 5v LPSU upgrades, between the router and my hifi rack (Fraim).

So much of hifi is really about clean power - different brands have different approaches to this - and PS size is not a clue to quality.


Can you please tell me what size DC tip you got. Thanks.