IKEA Kallax for LPs?

I’m a dedicated Expedit man, two sets :relaxed:

This has stood the test of time.


This is B.S. and 100% the result of user error. If you stand up Expedit/Kallax on its side instead of orienting it correctly, and load it with records then you deserve your pain for being a complete idiot and not RTFM.

These shelves are perfectly sturdy for records if you do it right. My Kallax have stood fully loaded for seven years, and my Expedit for about five years before that.


How many records on average can you fit inside each compartment?

Just under 100 I reckon. I can’t be certain as I don’t have a full section without some box sets.

100 seems a bit high. I reckon up to about about 70. The compartments are square, so why not just measure a 33cm run of your albums?

I used to have Eket (for less than a year) but it could not hold the weight of the records.

Expedit and Kallax works great and are cheap.

I counted one of mine and came to 88 - that’s including some Doubles which I counted as 2.

That’s very rude.

Bizarrely, you’ve just completely, absolutely, totally, unquestionably agreed with what I said.

It’s sturdy if you don’t tip it on its side.:scream_cat:

Pull yourself together. :worried:


There is a recommended max load per shelf of 13kg.

So that’s 65 No. 1990s single sleeved LP’s
Or. 45 No. 1950s Decca LXT LP’s.

Thank U all, :pray: After looking at all these great pic’s It’s made me think if I should change my shelving

Sorry…I didn’t say you are B.S. I said the fact that it ever happens is.

Sadly, it happens enough and people get turned off using them when they see the photos. They are perfectly suitable when – as we both agree – they are used correctly.

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I get about 50-70 LPs per shelf, depending on their packaging. For example, with the Music Matters 45 RPM gatelfold double LPs I get about 30 albums (60 LPs). With the older classical records that use single sleeves that aren’t tip-ons I get about 70 or so.

I used Palaset boxes. Most with 2 dividers and one with more for loose and unsorted Lps. I think they were moderately priced and obtained from Habitat. I had oodles.

A nostalgic visit to their website failed to find these currently on offer.

A further web search came up with a “Vintage Palaset Palanox Modular Storage Box Set of 6, Yellow, Finland, 1972” for a mere £6,488.12 per set.

Funny old world.

I preferred the strength and look of the Traby range ikea were doing until a few years ago. Units come up now and again on eBay but the glass doors are hard to come by. I took this pic a while ago- the shelves are all full up now so I guess I’ll have to stop buying records as I am not allowed to have a third row


So, it’s close on a year now, what did you go for?

@crasamet - got to say, I think your vinyl collection looks terrific in those. Lovely stuff.

I made up a second box to hold my 45’s, pleased with the result

by stewb, on Flickr