Import music into Star music store


I just bought a Uniti Star and have attached a WD USB hard disk to it for my music store. I already have ripped a sizeable collection of FLAC files. Is it possible to import them to the music store and have the Star generate the metadata?

How did you rip these albums? There is usually metadata added when you rip them. Have you tried enabling Server mode via the Naim app settings menu? If so, you should be able to browse the files and see metadata by using the Server input instead of the USB input.

These were ripped on my Mac using XLD. I did them before I bought the Star. I also have files purchased from HDTracks.

I was wondering if I can just copy these files to my WD hard disk now attached to the Star over the network. I can see the Star on my Mac but I am wondering about the metadata.

You will need to remove the USB drive from the Star and attach it to your Mac to transfer files to it.

To my understanding, the “UPnP/DLNA server” will always be active, when the (new) Uniti is switched on.
The checkmark in the settings menu selects, whether the server will be also available for other devices/players to use, when the Uniti is in standby. (Which will mean, it won’t go “as deep” into standby. when the “server mode” is on.)

I don’t have a Star, maybe it’s different to the other streamers in this respect given its ripping abilities? In other models, if you enable Server mode, the files are accessible in the Server input, from which you can browse the metadata, making it a much better experience than just using the USB input to view the same files. With server mode off, the files are not then visible to any UPnP streamer, including the Star itself.

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