In Praise of HI CAP x 2

With all these lockdown rules I got bit bored and drag down my spare HI CAP to try out on my Nac 282 Nap 250 dr, dual HI CAPS . I had tried this before a few years ago but I had larger speakers with more bass and if was not a good match and dismissed this as no no.Well with 1 or 2 people on the community going for large floor standing speakers to smaller stand mounted ones there is a first impression all is good but what I found is for low bass larger speakers win out.My Russell K 100s are a lovely clear sounding speaker but they did not go low on some music that need it to add realism. So have been hankering after some speakers that do this.Going back the main thread I hooked up the 2nd HI CAP well what a difference, more bass ,more digging in to the mix was sold.Now i know some will be screaming SUPERCAP and will be probably be right , I’ve not tried that option yet ,but for people on a lower budget this is a good option. I suppose the moral of the story is BALANCED systems is the order of the day and for people who have gone the small stand mount monitor route dont dismiss the mighty HI CAP.


I certainly won’t be screaming S’cap… On an early 82 i had a clear preference for 2x chrome bumper Hicaps over a S’cap.


I normally run 2 HiCaps on my 82… :smile:

Running just one currently, as the other is due for re-capping… very soon…! :sunglasses:


Anyone ever tried 2 Supercaps on a 282? :thinking::joy:


That would be a waste, IMO as they have 10 (I think) individual outputs.

It’s only a waste if it doesn’t sound any better. :wink:

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I’ve run my 82 from 1 x Hicap, 2 x Hicaps, and currently from a Supercap (all olive). The latter gave a modest uplift over 2 x Hicaps, but nothing like the uplift going from 1 x HC to 2 x HC.

I would suggest that 2 x HC is definably the “sweet spot”.


I’d be a 252 owner, long before that.

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I second that, I did exactly the same when i had my 82.
Getting a supercap made me go for the 52.

U have to like the 252 tho to want one…

I’d be a 552 owner before that. :joy:


Not sure how I’d swing it past my Director of Finances though.

If you do eventually decide to change your speakers
And Russell K are addictively clear and sharp
I found that kudos super 20A were a “more grown up” replacement for my Red 100’s

Funny you should mention that Japtimscalet adding the extra Hi Cap does give the Russell ks go a lot deeper in the bass which it lacks a bit on some music , i do have a soft spot for the Kudos speaker range unfortunately at the moment due to the circumstances not easy to try out or listen to, have heard the JBL 82 L speakers at a friend’s place and was impressed also heard good reports about the Wharfedale Lintons heritage as well at a lower price point , will have to bit the bullet at the moment and not make a rush decision, thanks for the recommendation on your Kudos will give them a listen.

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I’ve been running my 282 with SuperCap2, with 2 HiCapDRs waiting in the wings for some
me-time- off to compare. So guess what I’ll be doing Christmas Day and Boxing Day ( apart from a few cocktails and bubbly, lol)…

I thought the 282 was the excellent with two Hicap drs and certainly improved over a single one

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Will be interested on your take on that and the difference when you get round to it.

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