In praise of the NAP500DR - the paradox

I listened to Shostakovich 14 this morning (Petrenko and the Liverpool Phil). I was blown away by the way the amp was able to play the very quiet parts (e.g the pizzicati on the double basses) with such ability - quiet but strong and convincing at the same time. The loud parts were well and truly loud. I had posted my thoughts about changing the Titan 808s for something less imposing. After this morning, that has been shelved.


Oh yes the 500 and the Titan 808s are a superb pairing. Almost as good as the 250 and 505s!


Why would you want “less imposing”??

Im running the 500/808 combo also and so believe it’s a marriage made in heaven especially if you go crazy and add in Cord Sarum Music cables. Yes it will take a direct hit on your wallet but boy…

Strangely enough I have a 505/250 combo lurking behind the curtain for it to do it’s debut in my second living , looking forward to that one to.


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I agree. The Musics are the best available unless or until Ansuz bring out their D2’s for the 300/500 amps.
It doesn’t make any sense to spend 500 level money for the hardware and skimp on cables.

There’s a big ol’ difference between Chord Music cables and ‘skimping’.

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Lucky chap!

(1) my wife
(2) my wife
(3) … you get the picture?


Mmm! I have super lumina speaker cables and the inter-connect cables my dealer supplied. Any ideas? 555 to 552? I tried a more expensive Naim cable but both I and the dealer agreed it added nothing. I have Audioquest Coffee in a second system which I like but it’s more basic

I understand. I got married (for the first time just under 3 years ago). I was 62 at the time. I made sure I completed a full upgrade to the 500 Series (500DR/552DR/555CD w/2 555DRPS and Grandinote Mach 36 Speakers along with a full set of Luna Noir (black) cables) right before the wedding. This way there was very little debate or consternation. Then Statement happened a few months ago to replace the 500/552. It got very chilly, very quickly! It took a month or so for the thaw. LOL


I wasn’t talking about Musics. I have them on my 300 DR.

One month! You were, as they used to say on Monty Python, lucky!


Otherwise a bit of Tape would have helped :slight_smile:

… running away …

Did Shostokovich solve the wife problem then?

I’ll admit I had a bit of a wife problem when I introduced NBLs but they largely vanished when I finally got them set up to sound right. They’re better looking than 808s though, I might have had more of a struggle with those, or DBLs.

I LIKE this thinking …I will use this, with suitable amendments, for my mantra going foward! :wink:

When I introduced the SBLs my wife LOVED them. All it took was thirty years of conditioning with speakers that needed to be away from the walls.


Definitely try to have a listen to Music. I’d also have a look at the other Chord offerings.

She can’t stick him

I agree. DBL’s are stunningly beautiful. I would love to hear/try some