Incorrect album found on CD Lookup, v1.7c

I have just ripped three CDs using my NS01 running firmware version 1.7c RC1 and in each case the wrong album was found, requiring detailed editing with the n-Serve app. During the ripping operation I noticed that the musicbrainz search was quickly skipped and the message returned “Performing Free DB Local Lookup”.

Do any UnitiServe users know if there is anything I can do in the DTC to force a search on the musicbrainz database? I have searched, but cannot see anything.


Hi Clive,

Unfortunately, on my HDX, I’m still running the old firmware version 1.7b, and can’t find any info on changing the search criteria.

The same things happens to me once in a blue moon, but cover art is never found, though the web search option on the IOS version always turns it up.

Keep meaning to ask NAIM to post me the CD with version 1.7c, just never got round to it.

Not much help, sorry.

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There is a download on the MusicLine website.

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Hi Clive

Unfortunately what you are seeing means that the MusicBrainz lookup is returning no results. This is commonly seen in my experience, which is mostly with UnitiCore these days. UnitiCore also has Rovi as its main lookup, which often works fine, but I forget whether the 1.7c firmware added that to US/HDX/NS01 etc.

Also FreeDB has closed, so the local lookup is referring to a small reduced FreeDB database that Naim put on the NS01 hard disc back in the day. If the NS01 can’t find any proper metadata, if chooses something with the right number of tracks and it’s left to you to edit yourself.



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Hi David,

Thanks for the explanation. FreeDB was returning techno dance compilation albums, which has to be my least favourite music ever! Well, second to rap, of course. So everything has to be edited.

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