Information on SMB?

Is there some information available about Naim UnitiCore’s handling of SMB and how to set up network access properly? E.g., does it require SMBv1? The manual is silent on it, and a forum search turns up little.

The problem: My QNAP NAS (where my Share folders are for my Core) is kicking out “SMB Login Fail” error messages for my Core at a rate of about 1/sec. Nothing I have done so far stops them. If I set my NAS to accept a minimum of SMB v2.1, I also get “Deny SMB1 Host (security limitation)” messages along with the SMB Login Fail, but they go away if I allow SMBv1 as the lowest protocol - which makes me suspect that SMBv1 is required. I’ve disabled the requirement for access passwords to the Share Folders, so it can at least see the shared folders, but this is rather insecure and I’d rather fix this correctly. Any suggestions appreciated.

Could it be the workgroup “Naim” issue?

The only other relevant thread would be this one with no conclusion:

UnitiCore does not require SMB1. Unitiserve did but UnitiCore doesn’t.

SMB1 is history for security reason. The old streamers/servers (HDX, Unitiserve, etc) required it, the new ones don’t.

Thanks for the fast responses. My NAS is already in the 'Naim" Workgroup, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

If the UnitiCore works with SMB 2.1, then I’ll need to find out why the NAS is coughing up “SMB 1 host (security restriction)” errors from that IP address. The errors all stop if I unplug the Core, so it’s that unit for sure - not the NSC 222 or Mu-So QB. That’ll be a question I take up with Naim. (By the way, my Core just came back from repair with a new CPU board - fell right over and died - but these errors were happening beforehand.)

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