Infuriating NAIM gear!

I’ve CD5XS//DAC/200/202/HCDR/NAPSC every time re-install I mis-connect something, have a problem usually the DAC doesn’t want to play ball this time had the 5-pin into the 202 coming from the CD5XS instead of DAC, I hate this gear but once connected properly…

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Take photos of the connections or draw a diagram!


Or buy a Robert’s radio :wink:


I have the same with my wife.


This what I always used to do.

Why are you reinstalling? Moving house frequently?

Me and er indoors separated, very traumatic (had to dismantle hifi))

Sorry to hear it!

Me too!

Over the years, I’ve created my very own cheat sheets. :upside_down_face:


Or just put some tape of some sort (light tack masking tape which you can write on is good) around the cables corresponding to the kit connections. This is especially useful with things like Hi-Line and the SL signal cables, where the directional tabs on the cables can be very hard to distinguish.

Talking to Justin from Naim the directional tags on SL are going to be made clearer to see.


Yes, it helps not to have cataracts! Shades of Grey make a big difference to the outcome!



Once on a sleepy morning in the shop, I moved a 82,NAPSC,HC,180 and SBLs from the dem room to the shop floor.

I tried to hook it up by feel because I was too lazy to use a mirror to see round the back and got something very wrong. DC from a power supply direct to a line input. Wrong lead and wrong socket.

5 seconds of panic as the SBL just screamed blue murder. But it’s Naim so everything survived.


When I started at Naim, part of the training involved having to hook up a progressively upgraded 5 series system while blindfolded.


Ah, but how many Shades of Grey? :wink:

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Knowing Naim as I do I doubt 50 would be enough to cover the entire range!


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The 19mm Scanspeak tweeters are surprisingly robust.

Giving 17v DC to a line input is pretty impressive too. But then, NACs are pretty bomb proof and NAPs can nearly run to a short.

I used to just find Naim cabling as confusing as hell. Then one day, I just “got it” and I couldn’t understand why I ever thought it was difficult, let alone nearly blow up a pricey bunch of stock.

I got away with my boss extracting a lead from the back and telling me it wasn’t even used in this setup and calling me a bloody idiot.

On the other hand if you run them into an actual ‘short’, you’ll find their life also becomes rather short!

What I love about Naim gear is when i feel like throwing them out of the window…they are too heavy.:sunglasses: