Inner record sleeves?

Which ones are the best?

I’ve been looking at Analogue Works Nagaoka anti static inner sleeves and at the Mobile Fidelity Inner record sleeves. The former are half the price of the latter. Does that mean they are less good?

i see that you decided to keep your turntable? i remember your last thread on keep or not the turntable.

My favourite so far are the Goldring but I’m trying the MF as they’re cheaper, the Nagoka are good if for using inside existing inner sleves where they are other than just a plane sleve, lyric printed on it or pictures sleve etc.

I use those from Covers33 and have done so for many years.

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I use Nagaoka but I am sure other sleeves are just as effective.

I like the Mofi & QRP 3-ply Inners. However, I’ve discovered that you can get similar without the branding from Spin Care - look for Spin Care Audiophile Inner Sleeves. They are almost half the cost for a very similar inner. Last lot I bought from the SC site came in around £12 for 50.

My favourites used to be Discwasher VRPs, but they’re now long gone. Then I used to use the U shaped Nagaokas - handy for slipping inside existing inners - but I do find them annoying as they ruck up too easily.

Otherwise, for a very inexpensive but good quality inner sleeve look for the German made paper and anti-static types which are sometimes used by a certain German pressing plant. They can usually be found on that auction site, being sold by the 50 or 100.


I mourn the passing of the Nagaoka E-Stat, Black crepe style sleeves. They were perfect for me. Thin but kept their shape and slid in and out of sleeves in a trice.
I also can’t get on with latest nagaoka or MoFi thin plastic ones. Im sure they work well, but as Richard says, they trap air and ruck up far too easily for me.
I use Covers33 too and for particularly valuable records or where the inner is a tight fit (many recent records are very tight on space for some reason) a Tonar Plastipap 5311. These are a white paper sleeve entirely wrapped in anti stat plastic. Work brilliantly and slide in and out smoothly and never bunch. Special occasions though as they work out to about 80p a go even buying in bulk.

Currently using bagsunlimited ricepaper style from Juno Records at £21.99 for 50. Too soon to comment on how the last, but they do seem to stay anti static.

Nagaoka Number 102 sleeves. Work a treat for me and sit inside the original sleeves - useful if you don’t want to throw out those inner sleeves with artwork on them. I use these after giving the records a good clean on my VPI record cleaning machine which works a treat but is noisier than Concorde at full throttle!

Also worth checking out the Japanese Katta anti-static inner sleeves (U shaped). I use them for all my Japanese vinyl after a cleaning session, as they keep the original appearance of the supplied sleeves. I preferred them to my last batch of Nagaoka (still excellent) as they look almost identical, seem slightly thicker, and for some reason don’t cling as much to the LP. The Katta will crease if handled in a ham fisted manner when slipping in and out of the outer sleeve, but they seem a little less prone somehow. Plus they are only around £14 for 50 (Divine Audio) or around £22 for a 100 on The River.

My last packet of MOFI sleeves seemed more fragile than the last batch, with a few of the seams splitting easily despite careful handling.

Like the look of the Tonar Plastipap 5311 and the Spincare inner sleeves though (thanks Richard & Kevin). Will be giving them a try next I think.


I use the simple poly lined paper ones from covers 33. I can write on them the date they were cleaned and the number of plays since - useful.

Same here … poly paper from Covers33. Good value if you buy in bulk and very fast delivery times. Highly recommended.

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Another Covers33 user here.


Yes, thought to persevere a bit longer :grin: If I dont take to it I’ll sell up. Meanwhile I’ve got the Knosti Disco Antistat out and am cleaning the old records to give them a try (about time). Many of them have the old tattered, stained, paper sleevs so I thought to give them some long needed tlc.

I have a pack of Mofi that I bought a while back and they are very nice quality indeed although quite expensive. Are the Spin Care ones a similar construction to the Mofi?

I believe Analogue Works makes some of those?

Are they antistatic?

By the way, I tend to keep all the openings (outer sleeve, cardboard cover and inner sleeve) on the same side for easy access so that I dont have to remove the inner sleeve in order to get the record out.

I also use Mofi but very fragile and wrinkle a lot. Diskeeper Audiophile Inner Sleeves is much better for me.

The Spin Care 3 ply Audiophile inners are similar, yes. They’re much better than the Vinyl Style ones I tried - they were a bit too thin and split easily down the seams. For the money, the Spin Care Audiophile 3 plus inners are a bargain.

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They are quite a decent price as well. And with 15% off i couldn’t resist so Ordered a pack of 100 to try. :+1:

Yup, they’re a good price and the discount is even better.

This is a timely thread as I was just thinking I really ought to do something about many of the inner sleeves of my Vinyl. So frustrating that a lot of new releases come with the pretty cardboard sleeves that do precious little to protect the contents.