Innuos 2.0.9

Latest update for Innuos Sense is now live. No issues with downloading/installation, was done in 1-2 minutes.

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yep same. i was hoping for streaming over ethernet but looks like its in the future…


I was using Innuos Sense 2.0.8 to access my Naim streamers via Ethernet only using a configuration tweaked by Nuno at Innuos - I think it involved LMS somehow - and it was very good. Unfortunately after installing 2.0.9 today I’ve lost this feature so having to revert to using Roon. I’m hoping someone at Innuos support will be able to reinstate this ability for me soon!

Cheers, Ian

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My update failed but with help from Nuno from Innuos it seems to work now.

What is this update meant to do? Thanks

Here’s the list of changes…

Gosh that’s fast thanks

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Smooth update, improvement to the search function welcome, improves browsing experience.

Same here. Quick install but looks like it also does a factory reset, so I have also lost the LMS workaround. If you’re using it maybe wait…

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Thanks for the heads up regarding the Ethernet workaround. I’ll hold off upgrading for now …

I know full support for this is still on the In Progress list but I wonder if they have made any unannounced improvements in this release. Would be interested to hear if you notice any differences @Michaelb and @Timberwolf (if and when you get it back up and running of course!)

Just updated mine, no issues and pretty quick to do

How is the search function improved, doesn’t seem to mention it in the list of changes?

If you were using IOS/Apple before you were searching blind, white on white background, now partial input is bringing up albums/information, a far better experience. In addition opening the search seems to provide more artist/album associated information, the last point may be down to how I was using the app before ?

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A smooth update as ever. No noticeable impact on sound quality or noise floor at this point. I tend to spend evenings marvelling at how lovely it all sounds and just getting on with playing ludicrous amount of music.

I suspect there may be one more update before 3 but 3 promises full Tidal integration which, if it matches the Qobuz integration will be something you just stop thinking about fairly quickly because it just works. It also promises the ethernet solution but I can’t help thinking it’s Tidal first.

A couple of niggles on this update.

Once again it’s reading multiple Qobuz albums as having no tags when they clearly do. Also, having enabled the BBC Sounds app within LMS I’ll be damned if I can get it to appear within the Sense app. Have asked for help on both but if anyone has any clues in the meantime…

If you’ve enabled it in LMS you will need to restart your Zenith for it to appear there. I have not played with the BBC app but did restore the UPnP bridge in the LMS settings and although the players showed up in LMS after the settings were saved and it was restarted, I had to restart my Statement for my Naim players to show there. I suspect it will be the same for your BBC Sounds.

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How do you access LMS? Haven’t done that since pre sense


You can find the IP address in the server screen of Innuos Sense

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Interestingly I had restarted the Zenith twice last night to no effect. Did it once more and all is well. It’s a sub-optimal interface but it is all there and it works just fine.


I got a reply from Joao at Innuos on the disappearance of the LMS ethernet workaround as follows:

"The previous setup for UPnP players through the innuOS player or Innuos Sense app was on “beta” or trial use and therefore not fully supported. With the update to innuOS v2.0.9 those settings were cleared and will require a new configuration. We will be releasing a guide or knowledge base article which will allow all customers to follow and do that configuration themselves.

I’ll update you as soon as that article is available. Please bear with us. Please do let us know if you require any further assistance."

I hope it is not too long in coming.

Cheers, Ian

Yes, it was when I got that message that I thought let’s see if I can get it working by just enabling the bridge in LMS - only one setting, so easy for me to remember what I did. And it’s worked fine so far.

It’s a pity Innuos didn’t think of preparing the instruction sheet before making the update available.