Innuos Phoenix Net- any user here?

Just testing the Phoenix Net Switch, find it a little bid dark vs my Ansuz switch. Running the system in for two days now- does one know if the SQ improves?
Many thanks!

Yes, it does improve…….it is a totally different beast to most available switches with oven controlled reclocking. This takes quite some time to settle down. For me the noise floor is much lower enabling a more natural presentation, then the reclocking just gives superb timing. Be patient.

Many thanks for feedback! When do you think is it settled down? Week? I ask because I have to give feedback to my dealer…

A couple of days if has been run in for a couple of weeks…….if new it will take time. Perhaps @frenchrooster can add some comments as i specifically asked my dealer to run in for a while……it still needed quite a bit more. For me i thought my system had the drumming by Steve Gadd on Aja by Steely Dan……it was so much more dynamic?

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Oven controlled reclocking?

“I hear what you are saying” :blush:

The clock sits in a temperature controlled mini oven……they have never mentioned the clock they use, but they are quite common……most if not all mobile mast’s have an oven controlled clock to keep the data in sync. But they are expensive.

That’s a new one on me. My Neff oven has a clock and a temperature control too. So it’s like a Phoenix but more useful. Chord and their billion taps, Phoenix with its oven. Kitchen appliances are taking over!

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Thanks Gazza, so I‘ll try to extend my demo period. That means, on the other hand that when switching off, it takes some time again?

Do not switch off….mine is on permanently.

Looking at your profile you have a DCS master clock, i would hope an extra one at this price was not needed, but who knows.

It is a shame this thread is in the Padded Cell rather than Streaming Audio, it nearly passed me by, as it might others.

@Richard.Dane, any chance of moving it, assuming the OP is agreeable. As Naim don’t make switches, I can’t see there are any sensitivities.

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It’s a long burn. Most after a minimum of 200 hours, but takes 2 or 3 months to completely open.


Thread moved.


Well, dCS claims that switches and ethernet cables don‘t matter… I can tell it matters a lot:-)


Well that is all that matters…your ears. When i asked about the Phoenix net, my dealer thought it was pricey……it is. But when i explained i was thinking of a good clock for my Uptone etheregen, and then a Sean Jacobs power supply at about £1k each….the Phoenix has these. He got me a unit and has since sold more……hope it works out for you.

Thanks Gazza- I will chat with my dealer tomorrow and see if I can extend demo time for one week more! Agree with you- the unit is very special, I checked some insides photos with clock and a nice power supply, Mundorf caps….

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On the other hand they sell additional clocks for their music servers….

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Yes they’re well specced and Gazza is spot on: leave it on all the time so that the oven temperature can stabilise and the clock settle down. Most of the burn- in had happened within around 10 days on mine, but improvements continue with a little up and down over some weeks, as FrenchRooster has observed.

Also: let us know how and where it is connected in your system, since changes here can also have quite an impact on sound quality.

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Thanks Michaelb,
connection wise it‘s very easy: Melco for NAS duties, Roon on sonicorbiter and Tellurium cable to dCS Rossini.
I‘ll wait and listen how things improve now…

Make sure you do not use melco player socket direct to your DCs player, both lan and player out need to go through the Phoenix net, otherwise the Melco signal does not get the benefit of reclocking etc. Phoenix net single socket out should go to your Dcs player.

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