Insane new pricing in Australia

Will the FPBN stores remain?

I guess the most disappointing thing is the previous distributor predicted this. Which only highlights how well they knew the market.


The other possibility is an Asia Pacific distributor eg. Singapore might handle things.

All speculation.

I’m thinking the Singaporean distributor may have told Vervent to stick it up their Jacksi as they say

They may have been horsed around also


What a total balls up. Imagine trying to resurrect the two brands after this. Sad.

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Well, deals can be done in NZ and I sort of made a move for a ND555. But, I’m having second thoughts and have put in on “pause” for a day and fell bad for mucking the dealer around and are now completely conflicted on what to do. Dam it all.


Or this (Re the NZ/Aus situation):


And, yes, I know only I can decide….

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Have you heard the ND555 Mike ?

@Mike_S Do you know if are the Australian dealers able to export to NZ? I note their prices are cheaper than here.

Think they do but don’t make a big deal about it.

Mike if you can afford the 555 why not however it’s a lot of money and it’s more than likely to be superseded soon.

We might have arranged an intervention for you soon. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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No, I haven’t.

I’m not sure how the NZ duty and GST would hit you, if you went down that route. But ATA have a Auckland store, and then there is Paul Money as a Naim dealer in Auckland too. All the stock comes from ATA in Australia, and if they are clearing it…… then ask the question I guess.

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Mrs Mike has that in hand, pointing out that if you are always buying more, then it’s not a hobby, but an addiction :flushed:. It’s probably a man thing….

Maybe that is why it’s “Addicted to Audio”?


Personally I’d be waiting for the 300 series streamer if and when it arrives

I guess that’s the big question- “if”

Can only hope all gets sorted

Has your naim dealer given you an indication of his price for the ND555 ?

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The question is I guess

The NZ price of the new classic NSS 333 streamer vs the ND555

And SQ comparison between the two

If ND555 cheaper might be the way to go and visually matches your classic gear

Issue is the warranty and what happens if something goes amiss and will your dealer continue to be a naim dealer

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ATA Aus have emailed me this afternoon saying they can ship a 222/NC250 to my door today for NZ 19k total ie NZ gst etc all included. Get in fast though - stuff is selling they said. Like Mike, I was tempted but am not going to do. Too risky IMO, especially with new models which haven’t been proven reliability-wise out in the market yet.

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ND555 is at the NZ equivalent of the Aussie clearance price. We don’t know what the new NSS 333 will cost, but I’m guessing close to that ND555 clearance figure. My feeling is that the ND555 will still be the top Naim streamer, even with the NPX 300. I’ve received reassurance around warranty and on-going support, so it just a simple performance v cost decision (not an easy decision still).


All I can say Mike , no further upgrades for me on Naim gear , I’m a bit passed it all


@Bevo I feel the same I’ve run out of momentum and tbh I’m just not that interested. I’m enjoying just listening to music without the constant demand to keep upgrading.


As a long term customer of A2A, I was really disheartened to see the they were discontinuing the distribution of Naim and the subsequent pricing.

I can honestly say I’ve fallen in love with the Naim sound. I originally purchased the Nova as a temporary integrated whilst I was deciding on the path I wanted to take and it’s really impressed me! However, it’s really disappointing to see how the brand is not being supported (presently) in Aus. I guess only time will tell.