Insane new pricing in Australia

Yes indeed

And again in simple terms that $20k might buy a NDX2 replacement if and when released

Flushed down the dunny as we say in Australia

Further more , it will interesting to see how well the pricing of the new classics is received here and NZ . If not received well there could be a double whammy if someone has traded up


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Stop whinging. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Ha ha :+1::crazy_face:

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Is there a comparison of 222 to ndx2/252?
The same for 250DR to 250, is there a review?
If no, your complaints are a bit premature.

Why Pauel?

I have doubts that 222 outruns the ndx2/252. To me it is a play around all-in-one idea or just-add-speakers. 222 + active speakers is a sustem. This means Naim would like to have broad auditory outside their realm.
The same for new 250 - look at its xlr inputs and lack of power upgrade. It is the similar goal - make it easier to buy for non-Naim guys, broad auditory. I.e. cxn v2 + 250 = succeed!
I’d start worrying, if the was a new ndx2, new 252. Until then sleep calm. As I understand, there is no plans to phase out ndx2 in the near future and Naim have always shown they understand risks of product lines cannibalism

Thanks Pauel but I think you miss the point I am making. I not talking about the sound or performance of any of the NC product, I am referencing the price of these items in Australia/NZ and how this suggests subsequent 300 series and other new items will be priced here. As many have suggested we will be happily living with what we have and enjoying doing so, it is just Naim pricing down here has moved even further in to the unobtainable for many one-time Naim enthusiasts.

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Yeah, Naim bricks are pieces of unobtainium if you live not in Europe

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Paul S. said as much in the other thread. He put in writing this was to simplify the connections to power amps moving forward since currently they had, RCA, DIN, XLR unbalanced combined, XLR unbalanced, and XLR balanced. And he also stated in writing that he felt that for shorter runs single ended (i.e. DIN) still was sonically superior.

As for Aussie prices, remember that while the UK prices might be less, the jump in prices have been the same sort of thing. So even if you live in Europe you are looking at the same exact situation. In other words, something that was within your financial reach no longer being so. People buying hifi in Europe are, I am suspecting from Aussie prices, on lower income brackets than in in ANZ.

I am 100% sympathetic to the ANZ pricing issue. But in the broader context, the issue is really global repositioning of the brand. Also combined with a bit of what my dealer calls “European brands not having their s%%% together and controlling their costs.” I sort of suspect it is 70% repositioning and 30% costs behind the end result.

For all we know, the Aussie distributor has been shrewd. They seem to have taken on “way too much stock” but have they really? If they know local customers are not happy with prices and clamouring to get hands on affordable gear and know Naim are releasing a brand new range further out of reach then what better chance than to offer to take a load of stock of Naim’s hands for bulk discount and sell it to a hungry market? I’m not suggesting this happened but it does seem like a clever way to clear up HQ stock and (playing devils advocate here) satisfy a domestic demand.

A flaw in your argument is that Naim doesn’t hold any stock of Classic units in HQ or anywhere else. They were/are all built to order.

But they have parts. Like 282 boards and 250 amp modules and power supplies to shift.

I have done the comparison “real” pricing of the Naim NAP 250 a few times. Sure a 250 is a vastly superior beast today, and better made too, than in the 70’s but the moniker hasn’t changed, (much). At AUD 13,500 a new 250 is about 15% cheaper in real terms than it was back in 1983 at “only” AUD 2,999. Prices have gone up 4.5 times and Average male earnings have gone up 5.2 times, (I am relying on ABS figures). So relatively cheaper. Having said that, (and my figures could be out a touch as I am remembering the RRP from 40 years ago), Naim here in Australia was a vastly better deal when NA Distributors had the agency. I do have my concerns about the current guys.

It was a lot more affordable back in 2003. I bought a modest starter system, (172/200/S400s) for less money than it sold for in the UK, doing the conversions.

Part of this was down to the distributor Chris Murphy, a really great guy, (he sourced white S400s for me and did them at a standard finish price, thanks so much Chris), and partly due to discounting by my dealer.

But also I am sure margins were and still are healthy for Naim dealers. Back in the day we usually had RRPs set so as to acheive a GP, (gross margin), of around 35%. IE, if it sold for $1000 it had a wholesale of $650 inclusive of all duties, taxes etc. This wasn’t just Naim, it was most decent high end brands.

Given that most deals involved trade-ins, home demonstrations and a bit of horsetrading, you needed this to represent a brand fairly AND stay in business. Some of our high end brands had GPs of 45%. But that was then and this is now.

I suspect that the current situation is that dealers get about the same suggested margins, but acheive lower percentages because of our friend Google, easier shipping, simple international money transfer and a readiness for consumers to ask questions.

But for all that, honestly hifi should be cheaper in real terms because most consumer things are! Manufacturing gets better and better, the weak guys fail and the smart guys succeed.

But what we have here in Sunny Perth is a changing of distributor a couple of years back, and a new product line, so a chance of a bit of repositioning. And gouging.


Excellent post FZ, very sensible.
(But how the heck did you know about my tattoo?)

I didn’t. But you took the bait and now we all know about the naughty tattoo :laughing:


Don’t tell him about your tattoo Pike.

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Good points Steve - oh those were the days !!!

It will be interesting to see if the retail price of the new classics has been pitched too high here in Australia and the take up is not what was expected

What happens then?? :flushed::flushed:

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Yes, how the game plays out will be interesting. Busisoft have antagonised some Naim dealers, (and lost a few too). Grab the popcorn


On standby :grinning:

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Like the new series you won’t be using too much power that way then :sunglasses: