Insane new pricing in Australia

Great response Steve and I think it sums up what most of think down under. The current distributor hasn’t the product knowledge or the time to spend on Naim like Chris did. They really fcked it up when they took it from him. I’m betting if they had their time again they wouldn’t make the same mistake.


Corny response ha :crazy_face::crazy_face:

You just guessed my middle name :grin:

I suspect Linn is also similar over there.

They are both not much better here and with the price hikes since 2021 they have become even more inaccessible. Just that I don’t like to open the wallet much these days :flushed:

I regret a bit not taking the launch offer of a karousel at 50% along with the kore when the karousel was launched. That was a decent offer ….

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Yep Linn had a great bargain on karousel

Buy one , get one free for second turntable which I have

The 222 outputs are specified as balanced impedance so at least in theory this shouldnt matter to a 250. Otherwise I often see 1.5m as the limit where unbalanced sound better.

Balanced impedanance is often seen on sends in mixers when the destination can be a mix of balanced and unbalanced.

Indeed, balanced is the norm on pro gear - for good reason. And decent balanced cables using high quality plugs are not expensive.

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More insane pricing. I wonder if anyone bought a Solstice down here? I’d be pretty miffed to now see it offered with a $10,350 discount. Yes you read that right!

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Yes cdboy - looks like the distributor got caught with that one for sure

As you say I’d be mighty pi**ed off if I’d purchased one at full price , I’d demand the discount !!

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If that’s the one at PM in Auckland I’d suggest it’s the one and only to hit NZ Shores. Is it on display up there? Ex-Demo, ex-display :man_shrugging: if anyone is really interested I’m sure it’ll go lower still :blush:

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But once they become the norm in domestic hi-fi as distinct from industy studio use, you can bet the boutique brands will soon be producing expensive versions :wink:


And a proportion of people will ensure those brands make a good living…

Obviously Naim who sets the prices must think that most Aussies are Mineworkers that have nothing else better to spend their money on toys. When in fact only about 2% of the population are Mineworkers with money to burn.
When the rest of the population are battlers.


Naim don’t set their overseas prices. They set the price the distributor can buy at, but the retail is out of their hands.

But if a distributor gets it wrong and sales plummet, the arrangement won’t last long.


In Australia and NZ Gavmic Naim don’t set the retail price for the products, the Distributor does, whereas in the UK I believe Naim set the retail price

That’s a market of 500,000 people - so it wouldn’t be surprising for a distributor to target them…. But interesting, as to the best of my awareness in Britain mine working hasn’t been known as a lucrative occupation, the only thing they traditionally got to burn being free coal.

British miners from what I gather, dig holes under there houses then return home for tea and toast a good bath then go on strike, where Australian “at the coal face” (open cast really) miners work in 45C heat along side poisonous snakes and poisonous whatever you can imagine for weeks on end, to boot removed hundreds if not thousands of miles away from family’s and friends.
It has been said on returning home they blow very hard earned money on women (very good looking expensive girls :thinking:) wine, boats, cars, jet skis, trips aboard (Not the UK to cold) and the like. I personally have never herd of a Naim Audio listening miner.
Though I’m sure it has happen in a parallel universe…

I guess that if British miners were paid comparable amounts they wouldn’t have been driven to go on strike to avoid working in 30+(C) underground temperatures dodging gas and roof falls (which I would guess killed more British miners than the hazards in Aussie open cast)…. Your described lifestyle of the latter sounds more like North Sea oil rig workers 40 years agog. But whether any, of how many, Oil Rig workers or Aussie Mine Workers, bought or buy Naim is something I doubt any of us would know unless we have personal contacts.

Yes I can’t imagine the characters in Bread buying Naim.

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They’d be nicking it :wink:

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Someone should do one of those 70’s printed Naim adverts to parody this.

“Make Mine a Naim”