Interconnect Thoughts?

I have some old Chord Company Cobra 2 in my system. Btw my pre and streamer using rca’s and a DIN connector. I was wondering if it would be an upgrade to get the Chord company C line, Clearaway or Shawline cable. Not sure what one compares to the Cobra 2 or would be considered an upgrade.

Any thoughts on the difference and if it may be a decent change?? Just with the passing of time and possible improvements. I figure things change.


More than likely a sideways move i’d say…

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Yeah. I was a bit of the same thought process. Was hoping to maybe see a benefit from going to a newer cable. I was looking to add some cables to my phone stage to the pre thought may as well get the same vintage. Why I was looking at the newer Chord company offerings. Now not so sure. Thanks for your input.

I don’t know the Cobra, but according to my ears, Shawline is much better than Clearway.

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I have the old chorus which is a great cable however, purchase three pairs of Shawline back end of last year. Absolute rubbish to be honest, I was very disappointment even after an long ‘burn in’ period.
Will endeavor to sell them. Have purchased replacements from Sonik Cables. Delighted with those.

I have Shawline in my little Nait50-based system, and I’m very pleased with it.

The Cobra is a very decent cable. If you are looking for a brighter presentation, Shawline would help but in my experience it can be a bit thinner and harsher (depending on setup so not always)

The C line is quite neutral but not really an upgrade in my view.

Not heard the Clearway.

I used a Cobra 3 DIN between my NDX and NAC 202 for many years. It’s sounded better to me than a Chord Anthem that I tried and sold immediately.

I now use a Shawline DIN and I think Shawline is a minimum you would need to better it from the current Chord line-up but really given the cost to change I wouldn’t be in a rush to change?

Don’t think they are as good as yesteryear.
A reputable dealer has stopped selling them, perhaps he agrees with me.

I am sorry the late reply.

Just a bit stunned that Chord has not made some dramatic advancements over the years. Reading the comments Shawline maybe a solution. However it is difficult to source for me in Canada. Most dealers only carry the Clearway cabling. I may need to think about ordering some Shawline to see if it will improve upon what I have. Or I may just try to source some more of the Cobra cable from the big auction site.

I have a Chord Shawline cable between an Ortofon ST-7 step-up transformer and Nait50. I recommend it warmly.

There is nothing wrong with the lavender Naim interconnect DIN>RCA & RCA>DIN versions.

That would be my first move instead of the entry-level Chord cables past & present like the Chrysalis, Cobra, Crimson, C-Line, Clearway. In all these cases I found the Naim interconnect just as good and usually better suited.

However, as of the Shawline level one is considered to be upgrading on that level, yet also at a higher price of course, it might be well worth the experiment. Hope this helps!

Just noticed your Original Post and thought this might be an interesting read for you.

Hope that’s a useful resource for you.
Try the combinations yourself and collect your own thoughts.

Happy listening

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It looks like I will invest in some Shawline and see where it goes at least to try something out. I am very happy with my system and have been for years. I would just like to upgrade a few things.

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