Interesting reviews in the recent Hificritic

Some interesting reviews in the last Hificritic :
Nd555 with 2X 555dr. Martin Colloms
Townsend Allegri reference
Magico M2 by Martin Colloms

After an exhaustive (and sometimes exhausting) review procedure, Martin Colloms finds these slimline speakers from the Californian company are capable of superlative performance – but explains that the secret is all in the set-up
A fixture on the British hi-fi calendar for more than three decades, this show is packed with new product launches, and provides the chance to hear some superb systems. Ed Selley was our man on the ground to bring you all the news
19 McINTOSH MA9000
Chris Kelly was looking forward to hearing this big integrated amplifier from the celebrated manufacturer, but he wasn’t quite ready for its size or weight. But after an all-too-brief review period, he came away more than impressed
Stan Curtis casts his mind back over the strengths and foibles of some of the studio recorders he has owned and used, and recalls the days when amplifier designers could turn to a ready stock of ‘cost no object’ components made to military specification
24 MAKING DISTORTION MEASUREMENTS MORE RELEVANT We all though that the less distortions a system has, the less it will add to, or subtract from, the sound. But which distortions should we be targeting, and how do we best measure them? Keith Howard investigates,
29 VERTERE DYNAMIC GROOVE DG-1 Designed as an entry-level turntable model for the British company’s range, the DG-1 opts for some highly innovative solutions in the quest for simplicity, from thread bearings to a flat beam tonearm. Chris Kelly discovers that this leads to excellent performance
After spending more than a year with the Salisbury company’s flagship network player, Martin Colloms takes time for a thorough reassessment. He starts by adding a second 555PS DR power supply, to create a £27,000 digital front-end for his reference system
One of the most distinctive designs from catalogue of the American manufacturer – thanks to its distinctive Quadrex foam grilles – has been reinvented for the 2020s. Chris Frankland explains that this is much more than just an exercise in nostalgia
Ed Selley spends time with the Integra integrated, the entry-level model in the British company’s ambitious amplifier line- up. It’s impressive, not least for the quality of its built-in phono stage
Kevin Fiske likes the midrange of these speakers from the ‘affordable’ end of the French company’s line-up, but is less than enamoured with what they do at the frequency extremes
Martin Colloms is a big fan of transformer- based passive preamplifiers, and there’s more to this remote-control newcomer than just saving the wear on his floor
After his experience with the MPods provided with the Magico M2 speakers, Martin Colloms returns to the SPods with renewed enthusiasm
In the concluding part of his survey of the life and work of the founder of ECM, Mark Prendergast suggests ten of the label’s ‘must hear’ recordings
The latest releases are considered by Andrew Mellor
Greg Drygala takes a listen to some of the more innovative jazz releases
Steve Harris continues his bargain-hunting habit, revealing more of his latest finds
Andrew Everard pays tribute to two of his influences – Ken Ishiwata and Malcolm Steward – both recently passed away
Magico S2 loudspeakers (p4) all the effort in set-up pays off in a remarkable sound
Vertere DG-1 (p29)

Do you have the last Hificritic?

I ordered a sample issue (previous one) as it had a review of the Bartok.
Quite a nice magazine!
(and quite a nice review of the Bartok :grin:)

FR, I’ve made a change to your thread title. Otherwise it read rather differently to your intent…

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Do you know if the nd555 revisited will or is published in Naim site?

Unfortunately not. But I guess someone will post here the review on the nd555 with twin ps.
Perhaps I will buy it, but it’s expensive. 25 euros.

The original ND555 review by Hifi Critic is on the Naim website, here:

The follow up is perhaps still a bit too recent.

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I found the article… very good review

How can you find it? I was talking about the last Hificritic issue, the second nd555 review, revisited by M Colloms, using 2 ps.
You can’t download it or I miss something ?

If they did ‘electronic only’ I might subscribe.

The same pdf as Richard send just for you this is the new one

You read the 2019 March review.

Same for me. It’s a shame that digital Hificritic doesn’t exist. Shame or sad, don’t know which term is better…
I am not prepared to pay 25 euros to read something in 15 minutes.

It looks like there are a lot of words per issue – more than a 15 minute read for me. I just find no need to kill a bunch of trees for the paper, and then transport the paper all the way here to the States using jet fuel etc., when I can read it perfectly well on a screen. There IS something ‘nice’ about reading a well printed glossy magazine, but on balance it’s not what I want. And it’ll just end up eventually in the recycling bin anyway.


I wanted to say 15 minutes for one article as nd555 revisited.
And of course it’s longer for me to read than you. I would add the Vertere Dg1, Townsend Allegri reference and Magico M2 in that issue.
But 25 euros for a magazine is too much however.

I really want to read the Magico M2 review. Maybe Magico will post it.


I understand why :smile:

So do I :smiley:

These speakers are, by far, the best speakers I ever heard.

I didn’t hear a lot of them, but some british brands and nice french brands. And some of them were pretty expensive, and supposedly reference speakers…

The M2 are by far the more accurate, precise, uncoloured and nearly completely flat speakers I heard. Their noise floor is amazingly low.

I’d say that they aren’t even better than the very expensive Q7, IMO.

Of course to take advantage of those magnificent speakers the room needs to be of equivalent quality (dimensions and treatment quality).

I’m lucky to have been able to purchase the S3 MkII which aren’t, of course, not as good as the M2 but not that different. Somewhat like the NAP 500 DR and the NAP S1

I think there is no advertizing so that would explain the high price. The review on page 37 is the one I would read first!

I agree, the Hificritic has no advertisings and is independent.
One of the best hifi magazine.
However Stereophile is relatively independent and very good too, but I pay 12 euros for 12 monthly magazines online.