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I am known to watch TV on occasion, when the feeling takes me, and there is some decent mainstream Telly around, this week been watching Killing Eve s.2, Mum, Don’t forget the driver. All good and I think by now well known.

But every now and then I come across something appealing but off the beaten track, as it were, and may be appreciated by others. Thought it might be a good idea to start a thread with such left field recommendations.

May I kick it off with s.8(!) of The Motorbike Show from ITV 4. A mature and well regarded biker, taking British bikes on great rides, meeting other enthusiasts of similar vintage while restoring a BSA. Nice.


It would be silly to ignore the mighty Game of Thrones at this moment in time, with the last finale due. Probably will break viewing figures for this type of thing - as not quite mainstream.
I love this series. Watched from first episode several times, and still not sure what’s going on.

ITV4 late mourning reruns of George and Mildred have been a treat recently…


Having just re-watched Blood and Tits, sorry Game of Thrones, right through from episode one in time for the final series I agree it is really rather good, if gratuitously gory at times. One of those things where the more time you watch the more you see and follow.

As for unexpected gems, a recent series I quite liked, currently being re-run on one of the ITV sub-channeks, is The Good Karma Hospital, following a young doctor’s experiences, and finding of herself, after moving from Britain where she grew up to India, her ancestral home but foreign to her. That and the film The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel make me think I might like to visit India some time, a country that I have never seriously considered before for a holiday.


The Repair Shop.


Agreed. Shame it moved from weekly on a Sunday to daily during work time!

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First series superb. Since then it’s overextended and you see less and less of the repair.

Pure, Pose and Back To Life.

Ahh was it? I’ve only just started watching it a couple of months ago. I’ve got about twenty recorded and watch in the evening. Yes, I would like to see more of the repair.

When I retire, I want to be in a barn like that in the middle of nowhere, repairing items.

The Repair Shop is one of the best things on tv but can anyone tell me what does Jay Blades actually do apart from meet and greet and give the impression that he has been involved in the actual repairs? He is said to be a furniture restorer but I havent seen any evidence yet. Otherwise it’s thoroughly enjoyable and I’ve been known to shed a tear along with the owners!

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‘Interesting TV’, @Don would surely classify this as an …

A friend of mine, Jonathan, has such a large shed in his garden. The family gave him a nicely-made slate sign to fix to the outside. It says “Jonathan’s shed, where broken things are brought for a while and occasionally one might get mended.”

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In the first series he was very much hands on and visibly so. Subsequently, in one of the many flaws the show now has, he’s nothing more than a link man. They couldn’t help themselves and a great 30 minutes has become a padded 45 and much less worthy of viewing.

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My mum got me into The Repair Shop when I went over to visit her last week (normally such endeavours fall flat, eg Heartbeat, Murder She Wrote, The Chase etc). I find it fascinating to watch these craftsmen and women at work, especially the clock repairer and bookbinder. And the lady who fies ceramics is amazing.

It’s lovely to see that there’s still a demand for these trades in 2019, and I have set my set-top bo to record it whenever it’s on.

By way of admitting to a slightly more guilty pleasure, I quite like Pointless as well.

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Yes, I always watch pointless when I’m having me tea.:smile:

Sky Arts – Master of Photography. Season 4 ep1 28th May

A photography competition where contestants are sent to a different city/location each week and given a specific task. A contestant is eliminated each, so, rather like X factor with cameras.

Appeals to the photo enthusiast and the non enthusiast.

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Summer of Rockets - BBC2 tonight 9pm.

Obviously, I don’t know if it looks any good, but it does look interesting.


That’s what I thought …

It’s a bit bizarre so far,

I like Wheeler Dealers i.e. the pieces with Ed China (not so much Ant) about the vehicles, skipping over the bits with Mike Brewer. They did a restoration on a Morris Minor Traveller some time back.


Chernobyl and Years and Years. Both outstanding.

I’m recording Chernobyl, looks interesting.

Not sure about Years and Years after Ep 1, I mean we do know all this stuff but it’s rammed through somewhat and as a viewer I’m not keen on being treated like a misbehaving child responsible for all the worlds ills! Plus I’m not sure it could tick many more diversity boxes, almost as if it was planned like that…Ep. 2 though was I thought far better.