Intermittent problem with Nova - rebooting? (title edited)

Intermittent and I haven’t nailed down all the symptoms. Once before, and several times this evening, my relatively new Nova has misbehaved. It generally begins with the music stopping and restarting in a manner similar to a rebuffering issue. But then it stops playing entirely. The white light in the dial control on the top starts spinning. The Nova disappears from the app. On one occasion I did a deep sleep, but it didn’t help - at least not immediately. On another occasion the buttons on the front of the unit became unresponsive, including the sleep button. At some point each time, it has returned to normal.

The Nova is connected via Ethernet to the satellite of a NetGear Orbi. I am playing music from a DLNA server on the same network.

Does it spontaneously reboot after the music starts stuttering?

That was my guess as to what it was doing. Is the spinning white light indicative of that?

Edit - I found a thread from last January about rebooting, which suggested there would be a fix in the new firmware. My firmware is 3.6.0 (5106). Should I have received the “fix”? Because, if so, it didn’t work.

Further edit - it’s rebooting for the second time this morning, Though my diagnosis remains preliminary, it seems to happen at the beginning of a track after it has finished playing a long track, e.g. a movement from a Mahler symphony.

Can someone from Naim provide guidance?

Most were probably fixed, some still occur. Compare this recent post (and others a bit before and after) in the Firmware 3.6.0 thread:

Would be great if you could report to Naim as described there. Paging @tomvamos

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Am having the same problem with my Nova. Music buffering, drop outs. It happened with an album which played fine previously. Using latest firmware. Using Qobuz.

Buffering and dropouts are different and might be network. The issue I was getting at was an actual reboot. First the music stutters, then stops, then unit reboots with the usual startup screen showing on the display. This was a frequent problem last year, got much better with the 3.6.0 firmware, but some instances are still occurring

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Sorry. When I say buffering that describes what the music does though it isn’t rebooting so like you say could be network or maybe there’s a problem with Qobuz at the moment as it was OK for a month since I’ve had it. Hardwired .

You described it perfectly. Last evening it was Mahler’s Symphony No. 1, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by Carlo Maria Giulini, DG. This morning’s album would be harder to duplicate - the Brazilian Guitar Quartet playing transcriptions of the Bach Orchestral Suites. However, I ripped each Suite as a single track. All tracks in excess of 10 minutes. As I said it usually happened at the beginning of a track (not the first track though).

Another thing. So far, the problem has only occurred when I use JRMC as my server (It’s on a Windows 10 machine with the music on an external drive.) This morning I switched to my old WD MyCloud (not the newer version(s)). That comes with Twonky, but in the past I had only used it for backup. I played the Bach through that without problems. I also note that I did not have this issue playing from the Windows 10 machine through LMS/ChromeCast plug-in.

Important to note that my three (3) new Naim streamers constitute the hardware overhaul of my streaming system. I am still testing and making decisions about the software and music files. @tomvamos - I would love your thoughts.

Edit - if only I could get the details right - Abbado not Giulini. :grin:

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:+1: I’m sure Naim will appreciate the details. It seems to me that we are at the stage where individual instances of the problem need to be hunted down and fixed

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Fourth movement of the Mahler via Twonky. No problems.

One theory shot down. It just happened with Twonky. Playing Haydn Piano Trios by the Beaux Arts Trio. Shuffled. Again the movements for each trio were merged into a single track. (This was my standard operating procedure when I ripped my discs with iTunes. I stopped using iTunes more than 5 years ago.)

That’s five or six times within 24 hours (I’m not sure if it rebooted two or three times last night.). Obviously the Nova is useless for me at this point.

I’m going to switch to my Muso and see if it happens there as well.

This is crazy. You should definitely send an email to


Some good news. My two other Naim streamers (Muso 2 and a brand new this week ND5 XS 2 do not appear to suffer from the same problem.

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More troubleshooting.

I switched the server from DLNA to LMS/ChromeCast plug-in. This is what I had been using until very recently (and for a few years prior to my investment in Naim). So far, so good. But here’s the important thing (I think) – the ChromeCast plug-in has a setting called “flow,” which I use. This causes the server to transcode everything to FLAC and send it as a continuous stream. No reboots. This would seem to tie in with the fact that the reboots always occurred at the beginning of tracks, but not at the beginning of the first track.

All conclusions remain tentative given the intemittent nature of the problem.

Or maybe not. I’ve been listening to Twonky for several hours without a hitch. I’m beginning to wonder if the Twonky failure yesterday was actually a JRMC failure - say I switched from my iPhone to my iPad, which was still “linked” to the JRMC server.

This would be very good news, as the issue would be pinpointed. It would also be somewhat consistent with my brother’s experience using JRMC to control his Beoplay speakers - no reboots, but music halting or skipping ahead to the next track.

I’ve just had the same problem-rebooting of the Nova, music buffering. I thought it was my network but it can’t be because of the rebooting while using Qobuz.

So it’s been 8 days since set an e-mail to support. I received an acknowledg[e]ment, but nothing more. Is that a long time or am I impatient?

Pandemic and all. I think in the auto reply they state a time frame to expect but sometimes it takes longer. I always received an answer eventually. But given the severity of your issues, maybe @clare.newsome can flag it up?

Happy to. @jegreenwood Please send me your ticket number and i’ll flag it up on Monday.