Internet radio HD

I am interesting in hi-res Intrernet radio station. Please give some proposal for station with best audio quality.

Look for any with 320kb/s in the genre that you prefer.

But some statiom are better then mp3 320?

No, 320kb/s is the highest bit rate for web radio
AAC has marginally better SQ over MP3, but at 320kb/s the difference is not that obvious

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Have a read of:

It is true that not all 320 streams sound great thare are some very good sounding 256 and 192 in Naims vtuner and other radio platforms on a pc for instance such as . What type of music do you like?

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I prefere pop, ambiental, rock…and think for Naims vtuner.

Radio Paradise streams in FLAC - there are threads on this forum about it if you search.

When I strem Radio Paradise I could chose mp3 320 or AAC 320. Cant detect FLAC.

R Paradise with FLAC is not possible over normal web radio.

If you like Paradise, then try Naim iRadio >Location>North America>Canada>Ontario>JB Radio2
MP3 48kHz 320kb/s
Same music genre as Paradise, no advertisements - just continuous music


You mean using a Naim streamer natively? You can certainly play Radio Paradise FLAC web radio using other software. I use a proxy (Roon) to present R Paradise FLAC Internet Radio to my Naim streamer.

To the OP, I agree the terminology for internet Radio is confusing, as most so called ‘HiRes’ services are not high resolution at all, they are lossy streams so discard info (resolution) compared to regular CD… even if sometimes they have a higher sample rate

Could you explani how you transfer Flac to Naim strimer, you use computer?

You can’t get FLAC RP directly via a Naim streamer but RP’s web site has a player that includes a FLAC stream. Just use any device with a browser and feed it into an input on your Naim product. As I said above there are threads giving more detail if you search.

I use Roon’s Internet radio capability. You mind find certain UPnP media servers like Minim might do it as well. (Fairly sure Minim now supports FLAC streaming type in internet radio since it was added to the FLAC standard). Essentially the Naim streamer then sees it as an audio stream as opposed to an internet radio stream.

Yes Simon, that’s why I wrote “normal web radio” The OP is looking at vTuner, & I suspect Naim iRadio, plus does not appear to be a native english speaker so will struggle with techno terms.

Got you Mike. I think Naim refer to it as Internet Radio (even though it uses web protocols)

The Naim app is iRadio, but that is specific to Naim only, web radio or internet radio is understood by all

Mike, am I correct in thinking you are a Minim user? If so be interested to hear if it does play FLAC internet radio streams now?

If I share music directly from RParadais player (from RP site) via bluetooth, is it correct procedure? Bad is that I must use mobile phone…

I use Asset UPnP & it includes a web radio service called TuneIn Radio, compared to Naim’s iRadio (service provider vTuner) it doesn’t match up in both ease of use & connectivity issues. So not looked into FLAC with them.

There is a Radio Paradise FLAC plugin for LMS, which I’ve used on either a Synology NAS or a Mac. I found LMS to be a horribly clunky experience, but it did get the RP stream working.
Now, I tend not to bother with it, and just plug an iOS device into the front USB port.