Internet Radio Station No Longer Playing

I ahve been listening to Big Indie Giant, BIG, internet radio station but all of a sudden it has stopped playing.
I have deleted it from ny presets and gone into Internet Radio and found the station and saved it again to my presets but it still will not play.
I contacted the station and this is what they said.
“Thanks for letting us know.
We have just checked our settings/server and everything seems okay?
We’ll check in with our other UK listeners and see if they can tune in.”
“Our other UK listeners are able to tune in.
We just tried on a UK VPN and it seems to be working fine.”
So I asked them
“What http, if that is the correct term, should their app be pointing to, to stream BIG through their streamers?”
They replied with.
“Streaming links across all platforms, we use:

How do I get the BIG station logo in the Naim app to point at, so that I can listen to BIG again through my Atom, NDS or Qb?

Thank you

You need to add the station to vtuner. There are some instructions here:

Essentially, you need to go to https//
Create an account
Add the Mac address of your device
You can then add extra stations.

Shortly afterwards, vtuner on your device will get updated and allow you to select and listen to your added channel(s).

Thank you for the information

If this is a different url to the one used by vTuner, you might want to chase them up and suggest that there actually is a problem. They told you the url they gave you was used by “all platforms” so the chances are that messing around adding it manually won’t help. Perhaps they didn’t check vTuner when you asked as there are many other ways of accessing a station.
If the issue needs to be bought to vTuners attention they don’t seem to reply to contact from users, so maybe @Stevesky could help?

Hi @ChrisSU

Thank you for your time.

I ended up emailing Big Indie Giant in the end to ask for all the details required for the Naim vTuner form.
I had a very nice email back telling me that they had sorted it out with vTuner, thanked me for my help, and it should be available in 72 hours.

It’s good to know that at least some stations can be bothered to respond and sort these issues out. One less thing in Steve’s inbox on Monday morning.

Since 1 month now, the Belgian number 1 french radio “Bel RTL” is no longer playing on no one of our Naim devices (MuSo Qb, NDX, SuperNait).
All other radio stations are playing normally.
I assume there is an issue in the referencing of Bel RTL at vtuner. When trying to listen to Bel RTL on vtuner, they says “Bel RTL is unavailable for the moment. Please try again later”.
Dou you have an idea on how I could tackle the problem? I just warned Bel RTL of the issue and am awaiting an answer.
Thank you in advance for any tips…

Hello Pierre, you can ask the radio station to fix this, but many do not respond. Then the best chance is to flag @Stevesky at Naim Audio who can often fix these problems.

Meanwhile if you have an iPhone or iPad you can play the radio station on that device, and use AirPlay to send it to your Muso. With an NDX (the original model) you would need to connect with a USB cable.

Thank you, ChrisSU, for your tips.
It’s a pity that I didn’t purchase the FM/DAB+ option with the NDX (too much confidence in the Internet stuff probably). As the option is factory installed, now it is too late…
Thanks to Steve if he can fix this issue.

Hi Pierre, you can add this URL ( to vTuner, and it will show up in the app. under “Added radio stations”.

Seems to me, that the BIG guys did not sort it out with Vtuner. At least in Germany it is not running :wink:

Hi @PiF

We’ll discuss this with VTuner and aim to get it working again.


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

Is anyone able to add stations to vTuner?

Whenever I try to sign up via the WiFi MAC, Im told it’s invalid.

Does anyone have any tips on what could be done?

I figured it out, you have to always choose the Ethernet MAC not the Wifi Mac (even though the Naim is connected via Wifi)

Hi Steve.
Thanks for your cooperation.
PS: I really love the Naim sound.

Very useful for me too, as soon as I have my HDX connected to the Internet and replaying Internet Radio…

There are some stations that no longer work on the HDX, or that only work as lower quality streams. That’s the price you pay for using old digital hardware, but there will still be thousands of stations that do work, so it may not be a problem for you.


Hi @PiF

This should be all fixed now.



Hi Steve.
Indeed, it’s working well now. Great !
Many thanks for your intervention.
I wish you all the best.