If you want, you can introduce yourself also in the System pics 2020 thread.
I hope we will see also some Greece from the windows :grinning:

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Will do mate.
You can still make it to see Greece this summer,all country airports are open!!!

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Hello again to everyone.
Just a couple hours ago I returned from my dealer’s shop.
I took with me my Technics m5g,my project phono box ds2 & 10 of my favourite records,once again and we started the comparison.
First we hooked up the SN3 with the s-600’s.
I was very impressed with the clarity,the balance between all frequency ranges and the smoothness and volume of the low frequencies of the SN3!!!
Then we turned to the XS3 & flatcap xs combo.
Played the same records again & I realised that the combo had punchier sound,maybe due to the flatcap,but it lacked a bit in clarity & smoothness compared to the SN3.
We repeated the procedure 3 times and every single time the sound of the SN3 was more & more pleasant & joyful.
So…I took the decision to buy the SN3 & sometime in the future I will add a HiCap for even better results.
Another thing that lead me to my decision was the the price difference between them was only 200€ more for the SN3.
So I decided to take an amp that already sounds better & upgrade it in the future.
If everything goes as planned I will have both speakers & amp this Friday afternoon delivered & hooked up.
I feel like a child waiting for Santa,i really can’t wait…


Happy days…it will be worth the wait.

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Congratulation Vaggoz!

I’m sure you will be pleased with your SN 3 and have many years of enjoyment!

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Hello everybody.
Today i packed these:

and installed these:


I can’t describe my feelings…


Congratulations on getting everything home and installed! Great looking set of Naim speakers and your system is looking wonderful…

Don’t forget to Post some Pictures in the System Pictures thread.


The speakers you have just gotten shot of remind me of the rubbish/waste bins us Brits see in every town centre throughout the UK.

Thank you friend.
I will post my all system in the pictures thread one of the following days…


Good morning to everyone.
Just a quick update.
The first 12 hours of connecting the SN3 to the S-600’s was a huge disappointment…
There was neither the punchy sound,nor the amount of bass i experienced when I auditioned them in my dealer’s shop.
And then…magic happened!!!
They started playing really loud & bass is magnificent.
Every hour is passing they tend to play louder & smoother…


I took my dealer’s advice & today i did a minor addition to the system,a 2cm black glass under the SN3,with 5mm cork-rubber feet under the glass:

First impressions:the sound overall is sweeter, less aggressive in high frequencies & bass is more present & “fat”.
It also added a more glamorous look,lol…


I almost forgot,yesterday I had the speakers dust covers ready.
They are handmade from silver silk.
A little protection from dust & just in case my baby daughter has any ideas of adding colour to them…

P.S. Tomorrow morning back to my dealer’s shop to get the Naim din to rca cable to connect the phono preamp to the SN3…


More boxes:

5 minutes later all set-up

That reminds me a bit of the Ortofon MC200 I used to run on my Sony PSX-800 back in the early '80s - not so shiny though. Is it MM or MC?

Ortofon Concorde Century
MM , 5.5mV output , 1.8gr recommended tracking force.
HiFi use

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You may want to have a look at this thread as an alternative to using the felt under the glass:

Thank you friend, I will.
Though I placed a mix of cork & rubber feet (not felt).
My dealer suggested to use the “3m bumpons” under the glass.

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