Introductions - members from old forum as well as new members

New forum, new start. A chunk of people registering here as the forum starts up will have migrated here from the old forum, some knowing each other outside the forum, others only inside. Newbies often introduce themselves - but perhaps worthwhile those who have been around a while doing so, too.

So, with profile recorded for others to see, even if nothing else:

If your forum name isn’t your real name, what made you adopt it?

If your avatar isn’t a picture of you, why did you choose it? (And if not obvious, what is it!?)

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So, following my own suggestion…

Hi to all I “know” from the old forum, and welcome to others.

Innocent Bystander as a moniker originally suggested itself when playing Edgar Broughton Band’s Superchip album, which has a song by that name. I liked the concept of being connected but disconnected, and started wearing a t-shirt with that on to music gigs - starting of course with EBB, but it became my ritual apparel. So when it came to a forum name it was the obvious one.

There are of course a lot of interlopers who claim to be me… and apparently in Australia they’ve named a vineyard after me!

As for an avatar, I’ve never seen a picture that I felt could represent me. Given that this is s music forum I did think of a ‘His Master’s Voice’ style gramophone but with the disk conspicuously a CD not a record, but it’s not a readily available image and I’ve never had time to concoct one. And of course CD is old hat so the source part needs to conspicuously be a hard disk or other storage device, and at that point I’m stumped. One day I’ll find something!

Hi, I was in the old forum even though I was not active as i could not contribute that much by not having any Naim device in my system.
Nevertheless i always find this forum very interesting and I used it to get ideas, suggestions or inspiration to understand the Naim world.
From this year i joined this world with my first purchase of a Naim product, a Stageline powered by a Flatcap XS that I am now enjoying very much.

My nicname comes from the music world, mojo can remind of Jim Morrison and The Doors as like as Buckley, mine was more inspired by The Doors to be honest…
The avatar was a difficult choice but this one is sort of representing somehow my approach to sound, it’s a 15" Electro Voice woofer, just to mark the difference vs more “modern” ways of reproducing bass frequencies :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope to contribute as far as I can to the forum and I wish all the best to everybody for this new start…

I don’t think I know anyone from the old (or new) forum, certainly not by the names used.
“Tall Guy” came about years ago when I couldn’t sign up somewhere with my usual id (based on my name) so I chose something based on something recently said to me (“Are you that tall guy xxxxx was talking about ?”). At 6ft 6in (2.0m I believe) I fit the description well enough. I use it on several forums.

As to the avatar - I didn’t have one, didn’t have a picture of me (which I wouldn’t want to subject people to anyway) so went for a humourous picture I had. It’s a box of “Sproutabix” - “so sprouty it turns the milk green” based on something from the author Robert Rankin who often gets a sprout joke into his books (if not a sprout character - Barry the Time Sprout). I, like just about everyone else, hate sprouts - the reaction to Sproutabix is usually “Yuk” and often sparks up a conversation so has been a good starting point for new friendships, etc.

Hi all
I was, am, and ever will be Matteo

Hi again everyone & welcome over from the old to the new.
I’ve been lurking in these parts since 2008 when I started planning for a retirement with a soft landing. I had been visiting the forum as a guest for a few years, seemed like a nice place & signed up. Other pre-retirement activity included a clear out of the mishmash of audio boxes & bought a Supernait & CDX2, that was soon followed by a NAT-05 & some unmentionable PSU’s.
In 2014 the CDX2 was moved on - damn I miss that player - & replaced by a very nice NDX, NAS & a few bits of wire & I started to learn about streaming. I then volunteered for beta testing with NDX firmware & iOS app software; all great fun & got to meet a few forum & Naim folks, & it keeps me out of the pub. The rest is in my profile.

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Migrated from the previous forum to this one.
Use my real name - I’m proud of who I am, so use that instead of a nick name.

The picture is also of me.
It was taken few years ago, in a recording studio. I was recording bass lines for our album, using only my 6-string basses. So there is me, with my two custom-made beauties.
Nowadays, you’d find me with a 5-string custom Knaggs bass :slight_smile:


I’m back, with a new moniker but I’m still as full of crap as I ever was.

Viva Goldfrapp, come on you Irons!


Using my real name, of course, and avatar is me, too – albeit approx. half a century ago!

Reviewer, writer and Naim user – currently running NAC52/52PS/NAP250 (ex fellow reviewer Malcolm Steward, and all serviced by Naim a year or two back) with a NDS/555PS, into original PMC OB1 speakers. Also have one of the very first NaimUnitis on my desk, into Neat Iotas, and a Mu-so Qb in the kitchen.

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Hi, I am also transferring from the old forum. I always post under my own name and talk about SBLs a lot!


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Andrew, is there any news on Malcom? Last I heard he was very ill.



He is still in long-term care, where he has been – in various locations – since his accident of several years back.

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Hi everyone, well I only joined the last forum in 2017 and now it’s gone. Hope this one lasts a little longer. Gazza is the nickname I had at work, now retired sleeping under a sombrero listening to all types of music.

Hi Folks,

The move across to the new forum has gone seamlessly, so let’s hope many more of the regulars make it here too, as it’s a wee bit lonely in the music room at the mo’. :flushed:

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Tony - minus 2011…and you thought I was going to disappear for good and not annoy some of you. Not a chance!:sunglasses:


Howdy folks,
I joined the old forum around Christmas time and didn’t really introduce myself very well so this time I will. My nickname stems from my m/cycle, a Triumph Speed Triple and also from clocking up a few points on my licence. My avatar is a pic of an ornament I have on a shelf at home next to my headphones. I thought it quite apt as at work I usually have my cans on listening to prog, jazz or whatever and the boss once said to me, “You’ll be buried wearing those…”:grin:
Cheers all

Joined in 2011 when I got back into Naim having taken an alternative path for a few years.

Not keen on using my full name, so used Trickydickie instead. Why, because the person who recruited me to the company I still work for used to call me Tricky and if he wrote it in full always spelt it that way. Without this job I wouldn’t have been able to afford my Naim kit!

Avatar is me and my daughter when she (and I) was much younger. I have aged much less than her.


Hi, I’d been on the old forum for a couple of years, usually to be found in the music room or,threads about olive amps. My first name is Eoin, often known as Oink or E-Oink to my friends over the years, leading to the username.


Hi All.

I was a member of the old forum for quite a few years although as a user of older secondhand naim kit I spent most of my time searching old posts for ideas and tips.

My nickname is one that a workmate of my called me around the time I joined the old forum. I didn’t want to use my real name so it seemed as good as any and I use it in other forums.

One day I may be a bit more creative re my avatar but not today.


Hi Everyone, relatively short time on the old forum as Huge, but now I’m using one of my ‘real’ names.

Xanthe is a daughter of the titans Okeanos and Tethys and is probably one of the Nephelae, responsible for painting the clouds yellow at dawn and dusk.

My Avatar (and it’s meaning) have remained the same.

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