iPad can't connect, or it disconnects from Airplay on my NDX2

My NDX2 has been rock solid since my purchase December 2021. This last couple of months I have been using Airplay to stream Amazon music from my iPad to the NDX2. This has also been rock solid and will happily play all day!

However, I tried it today and either the iPad can’t find my NDX2, or connects for just 20 minutes, then disconnects.
I’ve checked NDX2 settings, all relevant boxes are ticked. Roon, Internet Radio all play flawlessly.

The only thing that has changed recently is the amount of devices using wi-fi. I’ve added loads of Hue products and also a Fire TV Stick, and other Echo products. Probably about 10 devices

At present the NDX2 is using wi-fi, not Ethernet. Have I overloaded my wi-fi system causing the NDX2 to misbehave? :thinking:

Recently I had problem with Naim app on ipad not connecting to ndx2, not finding rooms. Contacted BT who remotely refreshed hub and started connecting again.
Not an expert but seems obvious I need to upgrade my Wi-Fi or connect by Ethernet if I want stability.
We all seem to be connecting more and more Wi-Fi products to hub.
Not problem with streamer just internet quality.

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Som isp hubs can struggle as device count rises.
My Sky Q hub struggles at 15 connections, so I changed it for TP Link.
Which router are you using, have you tried a full power off reset.
If the problem became apparent after adding additional connections, disconnect the latest until it works. Then you will know the issue is either hub or device.

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A sort of “hidden consequence” of adding these extra IoT devices to your wifi network is that there are now also more devices using mDNS (multicast domain name service), which is the protocol that allows things to automatically discover who can do what … which printers can print, which audio players can play, which boxes offer a web interface, and so on.

If your NDX2 still streams from another service, it’s not losing wifi connectivity. Similarly, if your iPhone can still control your NDX2 using the Naim app, all is well with its wifi connectivity too. The Airplay functionality relies on working wifi, but also on working mDNS / multicast discovery.

The Naim streamers use the mDNS protocol to advertise that they have “remote audio output” (_raop in the mDNS services catalog) and then add in all the extra services for Airplay, Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, and Chromecast.

You can double check that your iPhone can see the NDX2 using a free app called Discovery; it’s available on the App Store and gives you a lot of information on all your IoT things.

In the event that the NDX2 is showing as available, but then disappears, as an Airplay endpoint, you should also be able to see this happening in the Discovery listing.

If you have a Mac as well, you can monitor what services it can see coming (“Add”) and going (“Rmv”) by opening a terminal window and running the dns-sd command (type “dns-sd -H” to get help and syntax).

I’ve been tracking down a weird firmware issue in my Ubiquiti wifi access points that causes my Nova to appear for a while then disappear seemingly at random. These tools - the Discovery app on my iPhone and the dns-sd command on my Mac mini - have been really helpful.

I know I haven’t given any help on how to resolve the disconnection problems, but at least this might help you understand and identify what’s going wrong when things fail… and that’s a really important first step towards a solution. There are lots of things to try, but many will have nothing to do with your particular situation and might only lead to further frustration…

Good luck with your diagnostics!

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Thank you for a great detailed reply. Much appreciated.

Thank you @igahman . I forgot to mention that the iPad is also having trouble finding the NDX2. Just this minute tried it and got this…

I have the latest BT Home Hub. Recently I have powered off the hub several times for various reasons. Often, the router (Home Hub) failing to recognise a new Hue bulb/device.

Yes DJM. Time to improve Wi-Fi or reassess your whole broadband issue.

Agreed, I do need to do this. What do you recommend?

There are many here that can help you but unfortunately I am no expert. BT can be very helpful in finding solutions for your problem but it doesn’t come cheap. Also when you start talking about connecting up with Ethernet you inevitably bring up the subject of switches :joy:

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I would imagine it’s worth wiring the NDX2 to see if that fixes it. If not it’s worth reverting to the state everything was in when the the music worked happily. At least that would show what’s causing the problem.

We have a Plusnet router (the Hub 2) in modem mode, with an Asus Zen Wifi AX mesh system, which has the more powerful Wifi 6, and touch wood the Naim works consistently. But then we don’t have any Hue bulbs or Echo stuff. I’m quite happy controlling the lights by getting up and pressing a switch. It’s all too easy to get in a pickle if things become too complicated.


I have a TPLink Switch. At present it is not hooked up due to the fact that the Naim system location is only temporary, as we are having major building work done. Once complete, the switch will be installed.

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Thank you @anon4489532. You must have read my mind. Hard wiring the NDX2 is what I will do today.
For the first time ever, when I went into the Roon app it failed to connect to the NDX2! My music is stored on a Roon Nucleus (with a SSD). Never had an issue…until now.

I have heard many times, that getting a decent router, such as the one you mentioned, will be be beneficial. However, as the BT Hub originally worked flawlessly, I left well alone. Time to rethink matters.

Hello HH. I suppose it’s common sense if you buy something like the excellent ndx2 you should give it the best broadband connection you can.
I’ve tried sticking with Wi-Fi but at some point I probably will need to wire up.
It’s easy to lose count how many things are connected up and if simple things like iPad or even smart tv can misbehave then so can the streamer.
It’s strange but if I want to watch something on say Netflix I am patient if it’s slow to load but when it comes to streaming music it has to be perfect all the time.

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Don’t want to complicate things DJM but the sudden onset of connectivity may be weather related. Lots of issues nationwide in the UK at the moment.

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Just changing the router may not be the answer, I believe the latest BT Home Hub is a respectable piece of kit and you can add access points to improve coverage.
Wi-Fi is a two-way “conversation” between communicating peers like walkie-talkies, not a one-way “lecture” like television. Wi-Fi works like sound, only using radio waves instead of sound waves. If A and B cannot “hear” each other well enough to maintain a conversation without speaking slowly and repeating themselves a lot, making A “louder” won’t help A “hear” B any better. Same for Wi-Fi.
Where possible I hard wire everything in the home that is static. Leaving only iPad, iPhone and a couple of devices that are wifi only to use the wifi bandwidth.

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Something to consider :+1:

Yes @kend, I have heard the Hub is well respected.
As I mentioned above, the Naim system is in a temp location. The BT Hub is less than two metres from the NDX2, Terrestrial PVR, TV, Soundbar etc…The TV is actually connected by Ethernet as I have a Fire TV stick for streaming.

A stupid question perhaps, but if you could reduce the number of wi-fi connected devices and hard wire them instead, would this help matters? ie…7 hard wired, 7 on wi-fi. Or, is it the case of just too many devices on the router?

WI-FI is based on one device talking at a time so if one device is taking up the bandwidth, others may struggle to respond in time.
The BT hub should handle a good number of devices so the more that is hard wired the easier time the wifi has. If you have a switch handy and can hardwire NDX2, TV, PVR etc, it will give the iPad a much easier chance of talking to the NDX2.