Ipad Pro to my NDX2 HIRES

I read a lot of things on the forum about Apple Music and options to get HIRES quality. It seems impossible to get it by connecting the lithning cable of my IPAD PRO to the USB socket of the NDX 2 which is not a music input. As I am not confused with everything that is written on the subject, I would like to know if there is a simple way to get this broadcast quality by plugging it in otherwise, with what type of cable and in which input of the NDX. I know that Air play 2 broadcasts the signal in acc. There are also cables long enough and of high quality to avoid being permanently seated a few centimeters from the system. thank you for your help

Sorry, I know that you said you read a lot, but did you also read this thread? It seems to explain everything

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yes, this thread on the Nove explains a lot, this is not the NDX2 though.

the usb port on the front does only accept mass storage and is not a host port able to stream input as far as we can read on the official documentation :slight_smile:

NDX 2 can play audio files from USB mass storage devices such as USB pen/flash drives and USB hard discs. Browsing of files located on the USB device can only be done via the Naim app.

maybe with the back USB port, you should ask support

The simple answer is that there is no easy way to do what you want. The best option is to use Qobuz for hi-res streaming until Apple actually make Apple Music hi-res workable in the manner you’d think it would.

Otherwise, Tidal will even sound better on the NDX2 than Apple Music through Airplay.

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It’s essentially the same in this regard, and neither USB port can accept audio. The OP needs a converter, and this works the same on Nova and NDX2.

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