Is and NDX2 redundant in my system? Opinions please

This is all a result of a question posed to me recently by T38.45 (below is the link)

I have been building my system in pieces after hearing how well Chord and Naim work together (which they do). Purchased the NDX2 as an upgrade over my NDX1 - big difference. Next came the Hugo1. In came the Innuos (got a great deal) and then The TT2/Mscaler. Never along the way did I consider the redundancy. Never along the way did I consider the potential redundancy. Tunnel vision I guess.

I use Roon, but rarely if ever use Apple Play or Chromecast.

Can anyone chime in and let me know of any benefits I may not be thinking of - or should I consider moving on from the NDX2?

Any thoughts. All are welcome.

You are not the only one to use the NDX2 as a transport into a Chord Hugo , @Simon-in-Suffolk chose this particular combination and is very pleased with the results.

You may easy find out: put the Innous via USB out in Chord DAC and see if you like it :slight_smile: You may even top this with their Phoenix USB re-clocker…

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…NDX2 only as a transporter makes on sense imho- you could do netter with melco or innous…

Not really redundant - the NDX2 can work in one of two modes - digital transport output mode or analogue output mode (but not both at the same time). Either option will not be using the other option. I look at it as resilience. I would say adding an off bard PSU provides more redundancy with the NDX2. The NDX2 working in digital output transport mode is truly stellar - I personally am not so fond of its analogue output - but then I don’t use that option.

In my opinion the major advancement with the new streamers was the digital transport architecture and design - and that is what you are now reaping the benefits of.

The front end design is the same in all three streamers, ND5XS2, NDX2 and ND555 - with the latter having an extra screened case around the transport section

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The NDX2 is the crown jewel in my system. Why one would spend that sort of money and not fully utilise it makes my head hurt.


Exactly - when run its digital transport output mode its superb. There are a lot of fans of its analogue output as well.

When I spoke to Naim about the option of providing a stripped down NDX2 without the analogue output stage - they said the difference in production cost was too minimal for the impact to the addressable market. They have a product that can reach both markets together… pretty good product design and marketing in my opinion.


It’s easy: just compare Innuos > usb> chord combo vs ndx2/ chord combo. Which transport is best : Innuos or ndx2?

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Trying that now, but I am having connectivity issues. I have contacted Roon, as the Mscaler appears but I get a message that states “Device Not Found”. So I am currently stuck in that loop. Waiting for a response. I was hoping the transition would be more seemless.

Thanks Simon. While I have your ear, why did you decide to continue with the Chord DAC (Hugo 1 I believe) and still use your Naim Streamer? I am assuming you do not use Roon, but rather the Naim App to access your music library.

I appreciate the technical input - as I have a rather limited understanding of that end. More relying in the ears in most cases.

But, if I can streamline things, save a few dollars (or recover a few dollars and allocate them elsewhere), I am all ears to opinions.

Looking forward to a comparison, but technology seems to be getting in the way.

I am currently using it as a digital transport. The inns is the Roon Core, NDX2 as transport then to the Mscaler > TT2 > NAC282

I have a simple Chord Mojo in my main system, but I do miss the Naim ‘attack’ every now and then. If I’d get a Naim based streamer (please, my dear, please), I would not replace the Chord Mojo with it, but keep them both simply to switch every now and then.

Have things sorted now. I will do some A/B listening and let you all know what I find. Thanks so much for the opinions.


ARGHHH. Still having connectivity issues with Innuos directly into Mscaler/TT2.

Waiting on tech support…

Try perhaps just to compare first the sound quality for both not using Roon for now. Naim app with Ndx2 and the app with Innuos


Frenchrooster, that was my first thought as well…I would use upnp mode with ipeng or whatever just to see how the SQ is…not roon in the first shot to compare…


Exactly , just to compare both transports. If Innuos is better, the OP will gain money selling the ndx2.
For me, only my taste, the redundancy is more on Chord combo side…if it was me.

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Chord Mscaler review in the last Stereophile. John Atkinson uses the Roon Nucleus + with the Mscaler in usb, Dave, and 2 other Dacs with the Mscaler.

May I ask why you use the Innuos zen and Melco n1a simultaneously. I think to remember you have already responded to it in the past, but don’t remember why.
Because, on first appearance, it’s a sort of redundancy also, not ?