Is cable spaghetti a problem?

Hi guys,

This isn’t an obvious answer, as I keep all my items separate, quality cabling minimal and spaced out, on the delicate side (NAC552; NDS; HDX; NAP300)…
…but not the power side and I can’t do much about this as I’ve installed Dolby Atmos.

I’ll attach pictures to give visual context, but does the cabling around the power supplies and behind the power rack negatively affect sound performance?



Shielded cables are mostly unaffected.

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Don’t cook it too long. Al dente is just fine.


Love the bottom photo, solid protection!!:slight_smile:

I think a slightly chaotic looking spaghetti incident (but actually thoughtfully designed) in arranging cables behind the rack should work best SQ wise? From what I understand, for min interference cables (even top flight and very well shielded ones) should preferably cross paths rather than be running together beautifully skin to skin (max interference?)

I think this applies particularly to power cables and I try hard to avoid any parallel close proximity of power cables and interconnects. It’s also a key reason why I aim to get better made power cables for everything I connect behind (even TV and other similar boring units) so that antenna effects and interference is minimised as much as possible.

So, I think a bit of spaghetti chaos is good and may improve SQ. Clearly, a chaotic looking cable management back there may not serve your domestic reputation all too well (or make you easily friends with the ELLE Decoration magazine subscribers) but deep in your heart you know there is a special order in the (slight) chaos! :))

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I found I have got rid of some top end sibilance by unravelling my coiled up excess speaker cable and randomly layering it (spaghetti like) on the floor.

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What have your Naims done ? What are they guilty for?


Cables should cross at right angles if they need to touch

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There’s a thread here somewhere that recommends folding excess speaker cable using ties and avoiding coiling. Might be worth considering.

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I don’t think the spaghetti is a problem, but in my humble experience it makes sense to pay a little attention to the cables when installing the boxes. I just moved from an apartment to a house and the system is now placed with the back to a stairway. I now have access to the cables from the back. In all other setups I have never had this kind of access. It makes dressing the cables a lot easier. Since I just moved and this is the first setup in this house I can not say anything about the sound before and after. But I firmly believe it makes sense to pay attention to the cable spaghetti. It’s free anyway, so why not put a little effort into it?

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Is the fence to keep the kids away.

No kids. Just to prevent the cables from getting caught in anything we might be carrying up the stairs. And it looks a bit nicer. It’s actually a sort of animal fence we bought as a temporary cheap solution. We intend to renovate the stairs in a couple of years time and then we will have a more fancy long term solution for the whole area.

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Hi Jon,

In my experience broadly speaking the answer is no. Certainly keep power cables, shielded or not, as far from signal cables as possible. Keep internet cables away from all else, as far as possible. Once you raech a cetain number of boxes it all becomes rather difficult!

Just do the best you can. Don’t lose any sleep over it.

One thing I want to say is that I notice you have what appear to be Van Damme speaker cables (for the surround speakers?) I had these once upon a time. When I upgraded to Chord Epic X the improvement in bass control and general focus was immense and showed the VD cables to be pretty poor. The only thing they have going for them is that they are cheap. But with your equipment, and I see your lovely Sarum power cables, it’s a shame to be holding it all back with the VD cables. Even something cheap from Chord is likely to easily out-perform them.

So should men and women…
(sorry, unpleasant experience here :rage:)

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Are your Naims grounded?

Max, I have a friend who recently went through a particularly nasty divorce. Plenty more fish in the sea. Look to the future - in the meantime enjoy good music. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks. Presently I’m not excessively interested in fishing, but music is my priority!

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Go to night-clubs then . Listen to music and fishing. And music may still be the first priority.

Do night-clubs still exist?

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