Is it update day today?

Hi all

Am I right in thinking today is the day we should be getting the Qobuz integration for the new range of streamers?

This week, not necessarily today. :wink:

Update just in…


Very pleased so far… many thanks to the team!

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Update went smoothly and is working great. Great to have Qobuz integration and Jazz 24 internet radio back. Looks like I can redeploy my Node 2i.

Too soon to put in requests for the next update???


Uniti Star updated and working fine.

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I don’t know about the Beta team, but I’m finding a definite upgrade in SQ on my ND555 with increased detail and bass extension plus a more intimate “out of speaker” sound.

I think there was a consensus during beta that some versions were a nice improvement on the previous release, so yes, I think sound quality has gone up a notch. Certainly has been sounding very nice on my NDX2.

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Yes , it has improved which was nice…some times in beta testing we have to take a minor SQ hit on a version, until they tweak, just before release.

All of the Beta versions were slightly different - some were poor and others good - so good the release pleases; Naim put more efforts into the final Release version, as you may expect, that the long series of Beta versions that were testing various features and ultimate SQ was not as important as a feature-fix and test was my understanding.

I’m still on the last Beta prior to Release version - and I did like that so possibly this is similar or better.


Yay, all good with latest Firmware update. ND5 XS 2 here running lovely. :ok_hand:

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Don’t think this worked before, the iOS widget that was added to the Naim app last week now shows what roon is playing on my ndx2 (now updated to the new firmware).

Ps thumbs up to Roland et al for getting this out today.

Give the new one a go. Over here it’s not a subtle difference: well up there with cable and switch improvements. It certainly puts that little 5,000 post thread in perspective :wink:

I seem to have confirmed the v3.4.0.4492 Beta I have is actually identical to the Release version - so I agree as I was enjoying that and some of the earlier Beta versions but not some in-between as I said, but Beta testers are asked not to discuss details of that ongoing process so I could not mention it.

I though the development was generally positive in terms of SQ as well as the obvious additional features Naim were adding and testing.

Hopefully if there is general agreement that SQ is improved then an extra boon for all!

Also for ND555 after install it does sound better in terms of smoother-integrated sound after all the re-boots by day 3 you should find.


I’ve done the update and the HDMI setting from my TV is no longer working - no sound. Previously I just selected the HDMI input on the Atom and nothing else was required. It is selected now but on the display where it has the HDMI icon underneath it says No Input Signal. What has changed or what am I doing wrong? Should also mention I just tried internet radio and also using the Core as an input and all is fine so it looks like purely an HDMI issue. Thanks in advance.

Thanks. Good to know there’s even more to look forward to

Have you tried power cycling the Atom and the TV - HDMI being what it is, it might require a new handshake.

Hi Richard, initially I power-cycled the Atom but not the TV. I have now done that and everything is working fine again. Thanks for the prompt reply and helping out.

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Updated all fine no issues so far and the SQ is an upgrade though the bass is a bit bloody, a speaker tweak maybe.

Well done Naim.

Update went smoothly and really enjoying Qobuz in Hi Res on my NDX 2. Will add the app is now crashing occasionally but loads straight back up with no interruptions to the music.