Is it worth changing a NAP 250 DR to the new 250?

Hi all
NDS, 555 PS, 252/supercap, 250DR and fact 12.
I recently listened to a demo of the new 200 series and was wondering if anyone had compared the 250dr directly to the new 250.
I will of course demo at home if it gets that far but as the 250dr is at the bottom of my Fraim and it’s a pain to swap out at that position I would ask for advice first.
I would also consider the 300dr but am reluctant as that is a two box replacement and my wife feels we already have enough boxes (I agree :joy:)


Why blame your wife if you think the same?

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I have not heard the new 250, and will defer to those who have.

On the other hand, £8k on eBay gets a ‘near mint’ 500DR. Little over half that would get a 300DR. If you can live with some olive, less than £3K will get a serviced pair of 135s. That lot look to be stiff VFM competition for a new style 250.


Well, I can tolerate it better!

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True, but ideally I’m looking single box

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So… don’t change what you have.

Law of Diminishing Returns. You already have a great NAP…!!



I have compared the 250DR to the NC250 with a 222/300 and preferred the NC so got that. When I got the 222/300 I kept my DR for around 8 months and was very happy with it but knew that with my system the NC250 would be better and it is in every respect. However, in the context of an older system, I am not sure I would have done so. The 250DR is a very good amp and in your system seems the right choice.


May be also @frenchrooster can help you with a direct comparison, and I believe he took time with consideration.

Might also depend on how you feel the 250DR works with your speakers in your room and what you might want to change/improve?

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I think it does work well with my speakers, but unless I compare I guess I can’t be sure. I had the amp before I upgraded to the fact 12.
I have read though that the 12s can be a bit difficult to drive so the thinking that the meatier new 250 may be a better match.
Impression so far here though seems to be not too much to gain

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With the Fact 12s it makes far more sense to go for the NC 350s, or a 500DR as others have suggested. The 350s would be more in balance with the amplifier I guess. The need to accommodate another box is simply a consequence of currently being over speakered.

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Fact 12’s like an amp, a good meaty one as i found out.
Your 250dr hasn’t got the ball’s to properly control them nor does the 300dr. I very much doubt that the new 250 could as well.
I had them all and the difference the 500dr made over the 300dr driving them was quite substantial.
Obviously i never tried the new 350’s so they could well be up to the job, but in old naim line up the only amp really up to the job was the 500dr and i guess statement amps.


What is the question? Because Paul already said that the preferred the NC 250 vs 250 dr with 222. So adding the 300 ps should not change that.


The question may be evolved : ) sorry, but I was thinking provided the 250DR is already doing a good job (as in your case I believe, but not sure in the case of the OP here), what does the NC250 improve in the same setup.

Naim have themselves recently demo’d 200/300 series with Fact 12s. The 250 had no issues with them in a large demo room at high volume - albeit bettered by the 350s as you would expect.

I don’t care really what they used, plus the fact you then go on and say the 350’s bettered them says it all.
The fact 12’s are a demanding speaker, they are hard to drive as many that have them will also tell you.
I had them for year’s and every time you gave them a more capable amplifier they came alive more, this with no other changes to the system.
So i say if you have fact 12’s and you would like to hear what they actually can sound like get yourself an amp that can control them correctly, and have enough grunt

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I don’t understand this comment. Do you mean that because a better amplifier can make a speaker sound better, the previous amplifier wasn’t up to the job?


A bit more transparency, details, bass resolution, openness, authority, speed.
But a bit leaner. The 250 dr is a little bit warmer in my system.
Overall a clear step. The 300 dr has more weight vs the NC 250.


There are ways and means of disagreeing - I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn’t mean to appear rude or arrogant…


Just saying that’s all, not trying to be clever, rude or arrogant. Just straight to the point as always.
It won’t sound rubbish with a 250, but at the same time you won’t hear all what the fact 12’s can do.
That’s all



Dear Diver99,

Being the mathematician (I love my hp RPN calculators), I always go to the speaker’s specifications first and work backwards from there. You have excellent speakers, and I do not envy you, though I am very happy for you. With an SPL of 84 dB and a minimum impedance of 4.2 ohms @ 12 kHz, these speakers, as reviewed, would be very happy with an SN2 or SN3. Your NAP 250DR eclipses the required specifications of low loads of 2 ohms. I would not even consider a NAP 300DR due to its cooling fan squeezing an extra 10 watts plus the VA load capability of NAIM’s toridial transformers.

The NAP250DR might be overkill. But hey, what if you can afford it and why not? I would say stay with what you have and spend the money, if you wish, on many bottles of 16-year-old fine single malt whiskey.

There is no requirement to upgrade. You have the bees’ knees in equipment with your setup.

Sit back and enjoy your rewards with the hard-earned money you have worked for.

Link to a review that may interest you if it is allowed:

Warm regards,

Mitch in Oz.

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