Is it worth in 555ps dr on ndx2 instead of xps dr?

good evening guys. I searched the forum before writing, but I couldn’t get my head around it with what I found. currently my set up consists of: ndx2 with xps dr, 252 with supercap dr, 250 dr (300 dr on the way) and Focal above 2. can it be worth replacing the xps dr with a 555 ps dr on the ndx2? i am very happy with my ndx2 and i would not want to replace it, but if i can improve it i would like it. thank you all

Yes, i have demoed the ndx2 with both power supplies. I thought the best value combo was the xpsdr. However, if you have any notion ongoing of the next level…best buy the 555ps dr. It will sound better imo, but you need 500 series components to get the best out of it.

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thanks @gazza. no, for the moment the 500 series is out of reach for me. I could be happy with 252/300 for a long time. the effort for the 555 ps dr I could have done, but only if it’s worth it …

The 555 dr is better…but the xpsdr is most of the way there for the ndx2. You will get a bit more from the 555 dr ps, but will cost a lot more.

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A preloved 555ps DR could be worth investigating. I have heard the NDX2 with the 555ps DR with a 252, Supercap DR and 500 and it sounded very good indeed.

The 555ps DR also makes way for an ND555 used in the future when prices drop in time.

I have the NDS with 555ps and it sounds amazing.


I have a NDX2 with a XPSDR. I haven’t heard it with a 555PS, but adding just the XPSDR was a massive upgrade, IMO. At the time I did that upgrade I had a 282/HCDR/250DR. Now I have 252/300DR.



Yes sopra 2

In my view it is absolutely unnecessary to to have a 500 system in order to enjoy the benefits of a 555PS. It’s an amazing power supply that seems to work its magic on anything it powers. I have one on my 272 and it completely transforms the unit and moves it to a higher level altogether. There is no reason why it wouldn’t work its magic with an NDX2. And if you get it, be assured you’ll hear the full benefit. The rest of your system is more than good enough.


Possibly the key words in your question is “is it worth it”. It will sound a bit better according to those that have compared. You won’t utilise it’s full capacity and it’s woppingly expensive over the XPS DR. If you have deep pockets that may translate to being worth it, but for me it’s an over investment for a NDX2. I’d put the money into Superlumina on your system if you haven’t already - in my view, that would be better value.

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For what it’s worth, I have both a 555PS and Super Lumina speaker cables and interconnects. To me, while the SL gives a worthwhile improvement, that from the 555 is on another scale altogether. If you could put a numerical value in the two I’d say that the improvement from 555 is at least ten times as big, probably more. I’m just trying to give an ideal of scale here, not saying that it’s objectively, measurably better. The idea that you are not using all of the 555’s capabilities is irrelevant. You don’t use all of a Supercap on a 282. You don’t use all of your car’s potential if you only drive at 50. It doesn’t matter. So treat this as you will, but at least I’ve bought them both with my own money rather than simply giving an opinion on stuff I’ve never heard. To me, fancy cables will always be the icing on the cake. The black boxes are the cake itself.


Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Probably the best would be to hear the differences between xps dr and 555ps on ndx2, but unfortunately I don’t have the possibility. I know that the ndx2 doesn’t exploit the full potential of the 555ps dr, but the question is whether it’s worth the ndx2. selling my xps dr and buying a 555ps with a coupon the difference wouldn’t be that big.


You have not mentioned your speakers, interconnects or speaker cables. It might help if you could tell us what they are. As i mentioned the xpsdr is really good on the ndx2. In the UK a new 555dr ps is £3k more. Having listened to both on the ndx2 i wonder if that money could get better SQ benefits from other upgrades like new speakers etc?

my speakers are Focal sopra 2 with Morgana cables. The interconnection between ndx2 and 252 is tellurium q black

Well i like Witch hat morgana cables i use them myself and Tellurium make decent enough cables. As i found to my surprise finding the right cable can be a nightmare, so i think you have done the hard work there. The Focal Sopra 2 like any speakers is a personal choice and is a good speaker.
The image you tried to post did not post?
If the coupon you mention gets the difference between the two power supplies manageable…then go for the 555 ps. The rest of your system is very nice, take care and enjoy the music.

Sorry Gazza. The speaker cables are the phantoms, not the morganas. I’ll think about it well.

I replaced the XPS on my CDS3 with a 555 a couple of years ago, more dynamics, resolution, but most just a greater understanding of the music.




With the 555 dr on Ndx2 you will have the temptation to get the Nd555. If you plan it one day , why not. If not, an Etheregen / linear ps would give you a better uplift, IMHO, than going from Xps dr to 555 dr on the Ndx2.

Are you serious? Have you actually tried it? I’d be absolutely astonished if a fancy switch made more difference than a bigger power supply.

Cables and switches before power supplies? The world has gone mad.


With a 252/300 and Sopra 2’s I would have thought an NDX2 with 555DR should be the minimum source for such a system. An ND555 or NDS/555DR is probably more appropriate.

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