Is it worth in 555ps dr on ndx2 instead of xps dr?

In my experience it’s all about system/ room balance. You need to hear them both imo.

In my room the presentation with 555psdr became a bit to much and since moving speakers closer to listening position was not possible I sold it.
There’s no doubt 555psdr is much better in general, but at my place NDX2 on it’s own is really something, open, clear, snappy, dynamic and insightsful.



A 555 will undoubtedly sound better, but whether the improvement is “worth it” is a very subjective matter. The one thing I would say is that, in my experience, how much a power supply upgrade adds to sound quality depends not just on which power supplies are being considered but also on the box which they are powering. So whereas moving from XPS to 555 may be transformative in some situations, you really need to compare XPS and 555 on an NDX2. Is there absolutely no chance of hearing the two for yourself? If “no” then buying second hand would likely be the safest option.


unfortunately I don’t have the opportunity to listen. but it would be the only solution to decide

I had Xps 2 then 555 dr on my Nds. The uplift was very nice indeed. But ER/MCRU pinnacle gave a very similar uplift, perhaps even nicer. For the cost, the difference is very big.
My ears, my system.
Nds and 272 benefit more from 555 dr than Ndx2. IMO. ( and from what I read here).

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@mickdale uses a 555 with an NDX2 and may be able to usefully comment.

I am not saying cables and switch before ps. The OP has already the XPS dr. If he had not it, of course it’s better to go to a ps first.

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I found adding a 555ps to the NDX2 transformational. I’m not great with expressive wording but it was a very pleasant surprise. I had no preconceptions prior so placebo shouldn’t have had an effect.

I had the ND5SX2 before the NDX2 and found the jump to NDX2 relatively small. The 555 was a massive jump imho.

I’ve just changed the SN2 for a 252 and am speechless. All the superlatives about improvements as you upgrade I understand. I have had to take a week off work to immerse myself in music


I do not think there is a matter of hierarchy here and what is appropriate.
It is possible to operate a system with 135 / NAP250 from the OLIVE series together with a preamplifier NAC552, or NDX / 2 together with XPS2, without any damage to the musical result. It all depends on the listener’s ears.
It is clear that the manufacturer will want you to purchase the “appropriate” components for each series it produces.
But “our” manufacturer has a wide range of components from which an excellent and musically satisfactory system can be assembled, not necessarily according to the hierarchy he aimed at …
Just food for thought.

I agree that you can assemble satisfactory systems from a different mixture but often (but not always) the best results will arise if you stick to a hierarchy.

Over the past 2 years I upgraded from a bare NDX > NDX/XPS DR > NDS/XPS DR > NDS/555DR all in the same system which was 282/HiCapDR/250DR and Kudos S20.

Given my time again I would have probably gone for an NDS/555DR earlier and held back on other upgrades. The NDS though was quite possibly out of reach until the resale values took a kicking when the ND555 was introduced so sometimes circumstances dictate the upgrade.

The NDX bare sounded great but the subsequent upgrades to the source brought so much more musical involvement in.


Indeed, as did I with the XPS DR. But the OP is asking is the 555PS worth it over the XPS DR on the NDX2. It’s obviously subjective in terms of value, but in the hierarchy I’d have thought XPS DR / NDX2 and 555 / ND555. As the OP has the XPS DR and the NDX2 is there merit in swapping…

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Comments about not using all of the capabilities of a 555 are interesting. On the face if it, there is logic to that position but then how many of us are using all of the capabilities of our systems anyway, due to speaker placement limitations, lack of room treatment etc…


Component parts are not the same for both units

To make a REAL comparison you need to do back to back using both fully run in and warmed up XPS and 555


Hold on before the Cd555 Naim’s top source was a CDS3/XPS to accompany even the 552/500.




Yes but the CDS3 is at a level above the X level components, a more valid equivalent to the NDX2 is the CDX2.

I don’t think we can be that absolute on this. In my (subjective) opinion the CDS3 with 555 or XPS is more engaging musically than all the streamers all the way up to the ND555, I just prefer the presentation. However, the NDX2 is clearly a major step up on the original NDX such that Naim even think there would be little value in a NDS2. NDX2 with a XPS will be excellent.





I only use one channel on my 282 and basically one input on my NDX2 (Qobuz). :man_shrugging:

Lots not being used.


Just to check, when you say “one channel” do you mean one source? My immediate reading was that you were in mono, but I suspect that’s wrong.


I think all upgrades should be measured by a very simple test, “can I easily afford it”. Don’t ever spend money on hifi that you can’t afford. Sure the 555 is better, by how much, that depends on so many other factors. There is always something else to “transform” your system, the new endgame. Sound memory is very unreliable and subjective. I really like the balance that you have right now, the 300 a nice upgrade and will really bring out the positives of the Sopra 2 speakers. Now if you have lots of disposable income, why not. But then might as well do an entire 500 system. I would stay right where you are, with the 300 coming in.


Hello - I have the same set up and auditioned the 555 then concluded it was much better.
I think the NDX2 with the 555ps is the perfect point of diminishing returns and is a brilliant set up.
I went on to the 555 streamer afterwards and its better too but the optimal sensible price point is with the NDX2 and it handles itself really well. Slightly warmer and tiny bit less clarity but very subjective.
Hope this helps.