Is it worth it


Need to power the NDX2, did a few unplug and plug back In tests with the Non-Naim XPS and came to the conclusion is was doing me no favours, making my already quite bright b&w804d3s even brighter.
Changed the SC2 to a SCDR which was a great upgrade… (very noticeable)

Now need to get a power supply for the ndx2
Money is a factor… will I be disappointed with an xps dr ?
And should I just save for a 555ps ?

Are the 555 and xps dr differences night and day? And will the xps dr make my system bright again?

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I guess you will get most say get the 555 power supply, but for me having that on the ndx2 seems a bit off a waste, as you are not ever going to use it all, so whats the point?
Yes it has a bigger transformer in it, but then it needs it as it has more power rails, i guess if you are going to move to say a ND555, NDS or maybe even a CD555, then getting the 555 power supply will be worth it.
But i guess only you can answer all them questions, but the xpsdr shouldn’t make it sound bright, like the other one did, but then that one does use silver cables and that can have that effect


That’s the answer I was hoping for!!
Xps dr for me then…

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The difference between the two is night and day. You should listen to both. Of course cost is also a significant factor.

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I like it a lot with the 555DR and never heard it with a XPSDR, but I am wary of night-and-day comments as my cloth ears cannot even hear what I would call night-and-day differences between CDS3 with non-DR XPS and NDX2 with 555DR. I would certainly expect a genuine PS to improve on aftermarket (discussion of which is against forum rules), but if you are not determined to shut up the little voices in your head once and for all like I was, I would recommend to audition XPS and 555 before going for 555.

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I more than happy with mine bare…


My experience was that adding the XPS DR to my NDX 2 was a positive upgrade. The improvement in the quality of music and performance of the NDX 2 was, for me, stunning. Most others have reported similar experiences, while a few others have had neutral or reported negative impact. So home demo is suggested or ability to return to dealer if you do not have a positive experience.

Let the good times roll…

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Can’t do the 555… the misses will go into orbit!

I’ve got 3k left and that’s a new Naim fraim lite base to split the rack into brains and Braun…
then the xps dr (second hand) for the final piece of the puzzle!

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The 555 is much better and the fact that you may only be using part of it is irrelevant; it’s the sonic difference that counts. But if the budget won’t allow a 555 then get the XPS and be happy. These ‘night and day’ comments are just twaddle. You’ll find differences but night and day, no.


Yeah I totally agree!!
I heard the upgrade from the SC2 to the SC DR would be night and day!!
It sounds better, don’t get me wrong, not a show stopper…

Xps dr for me…

Whilst we’re on the night and day upgrade! My most notable upgrade was the Gaia’s! For the money & to my ears better than the high line & SCDR!!

In scenarios where they work / you like what they do, Gaias are an extremely cost-effective upgrade indeed. Glad you had success!

Rules please people…

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The xps dr will be a nice upgrade, sure the 555 is better but where will it end. The upgrade path is a trap that is easily succumbed. The night and day difference has not happened to me even comparing a 250/272/XPS to a full 500 system. Sure there is a difference but not night and day.


Hi @andypandya1

Go on go for it “The Home Secretary” will have to come out of orbit one day due the Earth’s gravitational field.
As I said to Mrs G " A midlife crisis of spending money on hifi is cheaper than golf, motorbikes, fast women and loose sports cars" I also pointed out that I do not drink, smoke or experiment with funny substances. Also she will always know where I am with this “midlife crisis” and not being concerned that I am hanging out on street corners with undesirables.
Really must get my tongue out of my cheek, it is getting sore. :grin::grin::grin:


Haha !

I’ve already ordered a new fraim lite base to split the racks… the XPS DR is coming soon!
Midlife crisis :joy:
I’m 45 and recently bought an RS3 with the world loudest exhaust! It’s ridiculous! I was parking and an old lady walked past and mouthed to$$er haha!
Life’s for living…

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Ps love ‘the Home Secretary’

Currently she’s nicknamed the ‘fun hoover’

Claims of “night and day” comparison are not very helpful. But having recently upgraded from NDX2/XPS2DR to NDX2/PS555DR I would say that in my system the difference between bare NDX2 and NDX2/XPS2DR is about the same as the difference between NDX2/XPS2DR and NDX2/PS555DR.

Is it worth it ?

Only you can answer that.


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I can’t stretch to the 555…
Def gonna go for the xps dr though!

Massive worry for me is thou! I’ve bought the wrong speakers… went for pretty rather than listening to them…

Gonna demo some focals

Same here not every one on this forum can afford top flight 555 naim gear. Wish I could but at least we have naim gear even though we might only be half way ish up the ladder.

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