Is Roon slow?

Dear fellow Roonites here.

Since an update or three before the release of Roon 2.0 I have noticed a large decrease in performance when using any Roon remote. When I search the results are slow, the album art is slow to load and often when I start playback it takes a while to start. I often even get a spinner that says “Waiting for Roon Core”. Sometimes it is so slow now that the spinner stops, I get an error message that says “Something is not right!” and then the results come back.

I am running on a core i5 dedicated laptop with 8GB RAM. It does nothing but run Roon. Yes it is not the newest of hardware but the speed at which the performance degraded has been really fast.

Has anyone else noticed performance loss as they started going to full in-cloud searches in Roon 2.0?


yes i noted the same… im only running the core on an innuos but it now takes longer to load when it was pretty instant on 1.8…

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Same here - Roon Nucleus.It used to be very snappy, but it seems a bit laggier than before.NI’m assuming there is a lot more calling back home to access cloud services than pre 2.0 ?

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As far as I am aware they went to only cloud searching where before there was local processing on the Core as well.

Darko said last week that now Roon guarantee zero hours of being able to play files from your home library if your internet access is down as it can’t work for long without cloud processing.

Yes that is what I am referring to. But this slowdown is unrelated to having internet connection. It happens with constant fast broadband connection speeds. So whether the shift to cloud search has degraded performance or whether it is simply the hardware I am running Core on.

From the comments above it seems that the shift to cloud may be causing at least part of what I am experiencing.

Yep. same here. Exactly the same thing on my MacBook Pro - spinner waiting. Sometimes the stream just stops altogether as if I’ve selected the stop button myself. Also, Roon remote on the iMac downstairs gives me the ‘waiting for Roon core’ spinner, and then the generic ‘oops there’s a problem’ …it’s curious…

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All OK here, not noticed any difference.

I’m using a Roon ROCK on an 8th generation i3 NUC so recommended hardware but not high end.


Hmmm something definitely happened.

Which means that on an i5 processor I should definitely not have any perf issues. Ok it is a totally different environment op the laptop to a NUC, but still.

I’m running a Roon Nucleus…something is definitely…well…quirky at the moment…hmmmm

Nope snappy as its always been. Rock user here not on a NuC but its a lowe end i7 with 16gb Ram so same OS as on the Nucleus I take it those that are having it have rebooted ?

Sayint that when I have in the past had issues like this it been Roons servers that are under heavy load not the local hardware. Roons been using cloud for search for some time since 1.6 for retreiving meta data etc and it was always search thats affected. This seems to happen at odd times so not easy to repeat all the time and many users where not affected at all so maybe CDN and regionally related.

How big is your library track wise? This can have an impact if you dont have a decent amount of ram. Innous servers have never been officially supported by Roon as they dont meet minimum recommended spec and Roon really needs a fast SSD for the libray .


Got 4800 local files. Can’t find any stats easily on the rest.

The thing is it was always as good as instant on this hardware. And then suddenly a fast degradation of performance.

And if it is all cloud based that should mean that local RAM should be of less consequence, shouldn’t it? Yeah it’ll will then have to send local metadata to the cloud but that should be more a bandwidth thing than a local memory thing.

No your database is local and is both your local and streaming albums so it takes up space and Roon uses ram to cache it so it’s more easily assessable. The only thing that’s in the cloud are metadata that’s downloaded, images that get cached locally , valence and search. It still needs a good chunk. The more the merrier I found a big increase moving up to 16gb. If you run it on laptop then that’s got shares resources and 8gb for a large library will start to struggle. I Am talking a lot here though more into the 100k. So unlikely that’s the issue here for you.


Just had a look on the Roon website and the minimum requirement for the Core on a PC is:

Windows 10
Intel Core i3
SSD drive

Where I am not hitting the mark is that it the local files are not hosted on an SSD. However, for two years, this drive has been sufficient for the number of files I host on it and response was always instantaneous. I find it hard to explain the performance degradation I am experiencing to that.

Running great here. I dont have a huge library, 4.6k albums.

Hmm again depends on how big your library is but hdd is pretty slow which is why they have ssd as a minimum. Just because it has worked in the past doesn’t mean it will continue to. Your running on out of spec hardware. Would you run your audio hardware the same? You can find the size of the library from Roons homepage.

That said it could be an external factor with your isp and Roons servers. They often recommend to change the dns server your router looks it to use Google or Cloudflare as some ISPs seem to cause issues. This has helped others in the past. But as I mentioned it might be an issue at Roon itself.

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Yes this is obvious byut, from the first post, I was referring to how fast the performance degraded. Went from almost instant results to large delays in a month or two. Usually there is a gradual reduction in performance with updates and increased load. It is out of character for hardware depreciation.

Taking a worst case scenario of around 80Mb/s for a mechanical harddrive vs around 200 for SSD this cannot account for sometimes having to wait for 5 seconds or more for album art to load.

I am fully aware of this and this is a totally different case to audio hardware. Having worked every day as a software developer for around 2 decades one gets a feel for performance vs hardware. And specifications are set way above minimum to a benchmark where the hardware will provide guaranteed optimum performance, also to cover liability of the company. It most certainly does not mean if you go from SSD to HDD you will go from instant processing to 5+ second delays.

Yes, I can go and throw money at it but am, as of yet, unconvinced that it is fully hardware related. And some posts on this thread seems to agree with this. I’d rather know where the issue is coming from before doing that.

All that said it also does not exclude the chance that the issue is on my Core and not in the cloud.

Been on Cloudflare for ages for general performance :smiley:

You could downgrade to 1.8 legacy Roon and see if your speed is back to where it was and this would answer your question as to where the issues lie.


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That is a great idea! Only this started during the last update or three of 1.8 before the 2.0 jump. It could be that their were preparing systems for the go live and 1.8 was starting to use whatever is causing this.

A better idea could be to do a fresh install of 2.0 and restore from backup, something could have gone wrong during the upgrade.